Innovation Forum

Since 2018, the Innovation Forum has turned words into action by presenting a curated selection of the world’s most promising solutions covering the entire supply chain.

Solution providers

The Innovation Forum was first launched in 2018 to connect fashion companies with sustainable solution providers – to put words into action. Now the Innovation Forum is going digital, and showcases over 40 of the most noteworthy sustainable solution providers. You will be able to learn about their latest technologies, explore the processes by which they create change and request meetings with them through our matchmaking programme. Note that all information and representations in the Innovation Forum were provided by the solution provider.

What is the innovation forum

The Innovation Forum is an integrated part of Global Fashion Summit. All vetted solution providers will also be integrated in our year-round digital Innovation Forum to stay engaged and foster continuous exposure and impact.

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    The Fashion Industry Target Consultation is a multi-stakeholder project led by Global Fashion Agenda and the UN Environment Programme to identify and converge existing industry aligned targets to establish a holistic industry route of travel towards a net-positive fashion industry.