EyeFitU AG is a software company (SaaS) in the fashion industry offering a SizeEngine™ AI Platform and Advanced Analytics.


EyeFitU AG is a software company (SaaS) in the fashion industry offering a SizeEngine™ AI Platform and Advanced Analytics.
Our SizeEngine™ increases personalization and consumer confidence which leads to an increase in online conversions, AOV, reduction in return rates and increases retailers’ profitability. Lowering return rates has a direct impact on CO2 emission and sustainability efforts resulting in less transportation, reconditioning, waste and better inventory management. Our advanced analytics covering customers’ anthropometric measurements and behavioural data enable manufacturing and buying optimization.
We are an inclusive team of top-notch Al scientists and service-oriented people working hard every day to make EyeFitU the most respected and customer-centric company. We love to inspire and implement solutions that address the environmental impact.
Our mission is to provide apparel retailers with the most precise, engaging and innovative size and fit software, including data in the world. Helping to create a sustainable apparel industry from manufacturing to the consumer’s closet.


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