PANGAIA is a materials science company on a mission to save our environment. We are a global collective of one heart and many minds.


This includes scientists, technologists, and designers, working collectively to create essential products from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials.PANGAIA is a direct-to-consumer brand, but also functions as a B2B company, bringing breakthrough textile innovations and patents into the world, by distributing to brands. Each technology we work with aims to solve an environmental problem of the fashion, apparel and natural industries.
We hope to drive these solutions further by making technologies and materials available to companies across different industries. By introducing these innovations, we design materials, products and experiences for every day and everyone.
We partner with the world’s leading research institutions, laboratories and scientists to bring to life the latest problem-solving innovations in materials science. We pioneer our own breakthrough technology like FLWRDWN™ , employ bio-based fibres, as well as materials made from recycled plastic and garment waste.
Our Italy-based R&D lab is supplemented by unique scientific partnerships with research labs and institutions in Europe, US, Japan and Korea. There, we develop bespoke materials science innovations, which we use for our own direct-to-consumer apparel brand, as well as to supply to other brands.
We’re diversifying our range of bio-based materials to help address the problems linked to the world’s over-reliance on cotton. We’ve developed two fabrics that look and feel like cotton, with zero cotton used.
FRUTFIBER™ repurposes food waste, turning banana leaf fiber, pineapple leaf fiber and bamboo into a new, innovative fabric. PLNTFIBER™ uses renewable, fast-growing plants such as Himalayan nettle, bamboo, eucalyptus and seaweed—so you can look good and do good.


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