Santoni Spa is founded in 1919, and officially joined the Lonati Group in 1988.


Over the intervening years, the company has continuously refined its circular “seamlesswear” knitting machines, becoming a global leader in this technology – which allows us to create products with almost no seams, bypassing the need to cut and sew fabrics that so often become waste.
Over the years, our technology has evolved to manufacture a wide range of apparel, including sportswear, medical wear, knits and outerwear. And recently, we extended this technology to enable the creation of footwear – utilising a circular knitting machine to seamlessly produce a one-piece upper with zero-waste, while incorporating a variety of weaves, densities and elasticities within a single garment that improve the garment’s fit.
The Santoni X MACHINE was developed specifically to create seamless, knitted footwear using a revolutionary 3D intarsia technology that maps different areas of the foot to create a perfect fit, while at the same time providing a choice of unlimited patterns and colour combinations.
The X MACHINE knits a range of sustainable fibres into one-piece uppers, complete with eyelets, ready for immediate application onto the sole. What’s more, each lightweight breathable upper is produced quickly and scalably.


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