Sense – immaterial Reality creates magical experiences and interactions through “Immaterial Reality,” – an evolution of classic Augmented Reality.


Sense’s mission in cooperation with Global Fashion Agenda is to support companies in the digital transformation journey and improve their level of sustainability with innovative technologies.
Sense Fabric is one of our main solutions for the Fashion Industry. We create highly photorealistic and detailed 3D models optimized for web view, use, and display on smart devices. Our models are 1: 1 scale and faithfully reproduce all the features of the real product. Our immaterial objects can be animated, opened, and modified. Sense team can dematerialize any type of fabric both starting from physical samples and CAD files. The fabrics in the catalog can be “touched” and applied to standard or specific 3D models of each customer. With our customized solutions, all the products in the collection can be viewed in Immaterial Reality and can simulate the real behavior of all the materials once exposed to light. Having an immaterial catalog is like having a sample in your hands. Infinite catalogs of samples and items can be instantly sent to your customers without production and shipping costs.
Our remote sales web platform Sense Appeal allows you to simulate an appointment in person by making the customer an active part of the presentation: the seller will be able to guide the customer within his collection and make him free to interact with the products shown only at a level defined by the company. The customer can inspect the object, rotate it 360°, get closer to appreciate the details, and view the product in a 1: 1 scale in Immaterial Reality within its environment…wherever he is.
A useful solution to create a personal remote shopper experience for B2VIPC meeting and to create Immaterial Remote B2B Buying Sessions. We create innovative, interactive and sensory events: with our technology, marketing has a new form. Immaterial treasure hunts, immaterial products scattered around the city and social contests will have a life with Sense.
All the models made by Sense help companies to have a lower impact on the environment: no waste of material, no need to recycle, no shipment, therefore less pollution. Sense technology can be used for the dematerialization of the finished product but also in all the prototyping phases, reducing time, costs and pollution.
Sense – immaterial Reality was born within the Aerospace division of TXT E-SOLUTIONS Spa.
For years our team members have been designing tools for remote maintenance support and flight simulators for helicopters, as well as configurators for aircraft cabins: we have created programs, 3D models, and virtual environments able to faithfully reproduce all the operations necessary for the pilot to deceive his mind so that he perceives that he is truly in the interior of a flying helicopter.
Our MISSION is to bring the know-how acquired in more than ten years to other markets such as Fashion & Lifestyle, Events & Communication, Art & Culture.
Now Sense – Immaterial Reality is an autonomous and growing company, led by the founder of TXT e-solutions.


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