UPW is amongst the largest woollen spinners in the world, specializing in design-led, sustainable yarns.


Our collection comprises of woollen-spun, semi-worsted and fancy twisted yarns offered in 3000+ colours, all held in stock and available on-demand for fast sampling.
UPW ECO PLUS+ scales the adoption of premium certified raw materials, with this collection using 100% certified raw materials, 100% sustainable cotton, 100% responsibly sourced RWS wool, and the collection is 100% traceable back to the country of origin and finally, is 100% traceable back to UPW’s certified mills. UPW continues to search for innovative technologies and materials that enable us to be a clean manufacturer, early adopter, and industry leader in sustainable spinning.
ECO PLUS+ UPW’s Fall Winter 2022 marks the launch of the ECO PLUS CERTIFIED Collection. Premium yarns that push the boundaries of the textile industry to accelerate the adoption of responsibly sourced materials, spun with integrity. PLUS + Series requires for all the raw materials in the yarn to be certified by third party organizations that include Textile Exchange, Control Union, and OEKO-TEX. PLUS + provides the highest level of assurance that your knitwear is sourced responsibly, meeting the industries benchmarks.
100% RWS: UPW’s entire Fall Winter 2022 collection uses only wool that is responsibly sourced and certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). RWS provides standards for animal welfare and land preservation in the shepherd industry, embracing the 5 provisions.
Traceability Wool with Nativa: UPW x NATIVA partnership is designed to create multiple levels of assurance, ensuring your wool comes from sustainable sources. Know where your wool comes from, where your wool is combed, where it is spun, and where it is knitted. Communicate this to your end consumers and build trust and transparency. Bringing a human touch to supply chains while honoring and dignifying the work of the many hands that produce your garments. NATIVA exclusively partners with UPW to provide On-Demand Knitwear Yarns using certified NATIVA RWS Wool. These luxurious yarns are held in stock, at all times, for fast sampling with no MOQs. Together we strive to make sustainable yarns accessible to retailers, brands, and independent designers alike – because a sustainable future, is inclusive.
Wastewater Management Plant: UPW recycles 60% of the water used in the dyeing process through a reverse osmosis water filtration process, with chemicals used complying with strict toxicity standards.
U-LAB Design Meets Sustainability: To streamline development time, waste and cost, U-LAB was launched to revolutionize the future of the knit industry, leveraging virtual knitting through Shima Seiki’s robust APEX design program. The program creates a highly realistic design platform for users to see garment/swatch developments on-screen and in real-time. U-LAB has further enhanced this service by digitalizing their range of luxury yarns across 3000 colours.
Social Responsibility: Shokay & UPW have committed our joint Community Development Fund towards regenerating 240 mu of grassland (equivalent to 30 football fields) in Sichuan. We will start seed planting Spring of 2022, and invite you to join! Shokay and UPW will be partnering with Trachung Tsang Cultural and Environmental Protection Center, led by Tibetan environmentalist Drakyom Palzang. Palzang has developed a unique methodology that empowers local Tibetans and their yak herds to work together to combat desertification. Under his guidance, local Tibetans first till the land and plant the seeds. They then lead their yak herd onto the land to burrow the seeds into the soil and fertilize it with their dung. Over the last 15 years, Palzang has fine-tuned this method and led over 1000 Tibetans to recover 13,000 mu of grassland.


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