Wiser Wash is a patented and award-winning ozone bleaching process, eliminating the use of pumice stone and hazardous chemicals, such as hypochlorite and potassium permanganate, and saving a significant amount of water (up to 92%) and energy (approx. 40%).


Thanks to these eliminations, it reduces the footprint of finished garments and contributes to better health conditions within factories.
Wiser Wash does not use any kind of substitute for hazardous chemicals. It uses only ozone, generated from oxygen, which is one of the most abundant elements in the universe by mass, and 200 ml water for the decolorization, while 16 liters of water is wasted in conventional methods for exactly the same purpose.
As an innovation and technology company Wiser Tech has been working on advanced technologies that will take the potential of Wiser Wash one step further.
Being the first product of these technologies, WOX (Wiser Ozone-Xperience) consists of an ozone drum and generator. Thanks to its unique AI based technology, WOX can analyze its processing and identify the possible abnormalities at all stages of the ozone bleaching process, including maintenance requirements. It shortens the cycle durations by 40% and increases the production capacity of the facility by 66%, which leads the manufacturers to build a better scaling-up strategy.


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