Fashion CEO Agenda 2021  Full Report


The past year challenged global structures, especially regarding necessary rapid environmental progress and the lack of secure social protection schemes: COVID-19 hit the industry unprecedently, demanding real-time actions and long-term sight. Industry players had to shift focus on job re-creation and the fair distribution of risks and profits along the value chain. In addition, long-standing systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter movement called for racial equity and dignity for marginalised and black communities.

If we fail to take coordinated action on the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change, we can expect to see increasingly common crises such as heatwaves or rising sea levels damage complex ecosystems that are vital to our future.1 These systemic issues are apparent in the reality of climate change, exemplifying an intersectional environmental crisis that is set to produce socioeconomic impacts over the coming years, foremost affecting marginalised communities and people of colour. Fashion leaders are urged to focus their efforts on diversity, equity and inclusivity along the value chain to positively contribute to a just society and communities globally…

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Federica Marchionni CEO, Global Fashion Agenda
"The Fashion CEO Agenda is designed to inform and guide fashion industry leaders to make the right decisions to enable people and the environment to prosper. Though implementing changes may seem like an uphill battle, we will face grave consequences if we do not act. Leaders have the power and the knowledge to take bold steps now that will determine our future and the lives of future generations."

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