Next Gen Assembly: How To Use Storytelling to Drive Impact

GFA Academy’s Next Gen Assembly brings together talented students and young professionals, in an impactful advocacy programme with Sustainable Fashion Activist, Photojournalist, and Speaker, Aditi Mayer, taking part as the programme’s ambassador. With a fundamental focus on purposeful storytelling this year, GFA Academy, proudly presents the Next Gen Assembly Masterclass, created in partnership with London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion, via the Fashion Values Programme.

Presented by Target, the Next Gen Assembly Masterclass will welcome Mark Gavhure, Global Series Lead, Fashion Redressed, BBC StoryWorks, BBC Studios and Monica Buchan-Ng, Acting Head of Knowledge Exchange, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, with our Head of Innovation & Academy, Christina Iskov moderating the conversation.

Through this Masterclass, we will delve into the art of cultivating narratives that celebrate the creativity of humanity in all its forms within the fashion system to shift the current course of stories and narratives, under the theme ‘How To Use Storytelling to Drive Impact’.

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