Fashion CEO Agenda

The Fashion CEO Agenda is a guide to what every fashion leader needs to prioritise to future-proof their company. The publication outlines the most pressing issues and the biggest opportunities for environmental and social impact and provides guidance on how to move from words to action.

What is the Fashion CEO Agenda?

The Fashion CEO Agenda framework and vision is intended as a tool for industry leaders, the publication will present five priorities that businesses should focus on in order to secure prosperity for people and communities while working within planetary boundaries.

Since the first edition of the Fashion CEO Agenda in 2018, the report has reflected the values and aspirations of our Strategic Partners and advisers, a diverse group of high-profile fashion companies that include ASOS, BESTSELLER, Global Fashion Group, H&M Group, Kering, Nike, Inc., PVH Corp., Ralph Lauren Corporation and Target.

Fashion CEO Agenda 2021 | Explainer

Fashion CEO Agenda 2021 shines light on social and environmental implications and intersections. View our explainer video to learn more.

Our priorities  

The Fashion CEO Agenda puts forward a vision statement for the fashion industry that highlights the imperative need for the coexistence of environmental and social sustainability as neither can be achieved without the other. With this vision, we aim for human equality and well-being to take centre stage based on values that encompass fairness, compassion and empathy.

At the heart of the CEO Agenda, the most crucial environmental and social sustainability priorities offer clear guidance on where to focus efforts.

  • Respectful and Secure Work Environments

  • Better Wage Systems

  • Resource Stewardship

  • Smart Material Choices

  • Circular Systems

Co-authored by our Strategic Partners


    Fashion CEO Agenda 2021

    This report shines light on social and environmental implications and intersections. It puts forward a vision statement for the fashion industry, striving for, ‘a thriving industry that creates prosperity for people and communities by working within

    Fashion CEO Agenda 2020: Covid-19 Edition

    Global Fashion Agenda and McKinsey & Company present research and a fact base to complement the priorities outlined in the CEO Agenda; which intend to guide and mobilise industry players in taking bold action on sustainability. This COVID-19 edition

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