The GFA Monitor

The GFA Monitor is a guide for fashion leaders on how to reach a net positive industry through the consolidation of existing knowledge, clear actions, proven best practices, data insights and solutions.

What is the GFA Monitor?

The GFA Monitor is intended as a resource to guide fashion leaders towards a net positive fashion industry by 2050. The Monitor builds on the Fashion CEO Agenda framework which was established in 2018 and puts forward a vision statement for the fashion industry that highlights the imperative need for social and environmental sustainability. The report presents guidance according to five sustainability priorities which outline opportunities for fashion brands and retailers to set fact-based sustainability strategies and take action to achieve the vision.


With this report, Global Fashion Agenda hopes to mobilise and inspire fashion leaders to make bold commitments and take decisive action on the five priorities to build a better future for their brands, their value chain partners, garment workers, and the planet.

  • Respectful and Secure Work Environments

  • Better Wage Systems

  • Resource Stewardship

  • Smart Material Choices

  • Circular Systems

A Collaborative Approach

The Monitor is co-creation with Global Fashion Agenda’s Impact Partners and stakeholders which brings together expert insights from multiple organisations with different areas of specialisation, consolidating existing knowledge and reducing complexity. Over 30 partners and organisations were consulted to form the cohesive report. GFA’s Impact Partners include:Fair Labor Association, the Social & Labor Convergence Program, Ellen MacArthurFoundation, Apparel Impact Institute, and Textile Exchange. GFA’s data partner; Higg, moreover supported the presentation of aggregated performance data throughout The GFA Monitor and our Strategic and Associate partners acted as a sounding board and contributed case studies and examples of best practices.

Other principal stakeholders include: Better Work, WWF.

Cutting through the complexity: Fashion industry organisations rally together to consolidate guidance for leaders

06 June 2022: Today, on the eve of Global Fashion Summit, Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) released The GFA Monitor — a new report to guide fashion leaders towards a net positive fashion industry.

Measuring Industry Progress

Global Fashion Agenda and Higg aim to measure and present the fashion industry’s progress towards each of the 5 Fashion CEO Agenda priorities annually in The GFA Monitor. Working together, Global Fashion Agenda and Higg are establishing a reporting framework to identify data points, converge existing approaches, and capture insights from wider industry organisations collecting data. Higg data presented in The GFA Monitor is representative of data from brands and retailers that completed the Higg Brand & Retail Module (BRM) an industry aligned sustainability assessment used by brands to evaluate social and environmental impacts across owned operations and their supply chain partners, from packaging and transportation to retail and corporate offices.

Throughout the report, Higg provide aggregated self-reported, verified, and anonymised BRM data to show how brands and retailers are tracking progress respective of the five sustainability priorities of The GFA Monitor. More than 200 brands across more than 20 countries used the Higg BRM to measure 2020 performance, and more than 500 brands are committed to implementing it by 2024. Going forward, the Monitor aims to become an annual gauge of the fashion industry, presenting insights, impact data, monitoring industry progress, and identifying critical actions required in line with an industry-aligned route of travel. Readers of this report are invited to share their thoughts, and we welcome further cooperation with other industry organisations as we leverage existing initiatives and capture new insights to establish baselines and present industry progress in years to come.


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