Fashion Redressed

The digital film series: Fashion Redressed reveals the inspirations and innovations that will sway trends and raise awareness of the ideas designing the future of fashion.

Fashion Redressed

The original film series, Fashion Redressed is presented by the Global Fashion Agenda and made up of films for organisations from across the fashion and textiles industries, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the creative content division of BBC Studios.

The series spotlights the innovations influencing the new seasons of fashion, featuring a collection of stories from across the world of tailor-made solutions to fit us and our planet. Through stunning human-centric storytelling, the series aims to highlight the scale of the issues and the possibility of solutions, while galvanising leaders in the fashion sector to follow the blueprint of those that have been successful.

The Films

11 self-contained branded films explore how an awareness of the changing climate is influencing the way we consume fashion and seeking to find solutions that protect the planet.

Each film focuses on a bespoke solution that can benefit us and the planet. From the scientist taking inspiration from silk-spinning spiders in Helsinki and the duo taking a deep dive into the genetic makeup of colour in Cambridge, to the pre-loved clothes being brought to life on a global platform from Paris and the importance of cultural appreciation in Arizona, fashion gathers the most creative and innovative minds.  This series expresses the dynamism and creativity of the fashion world, spotlighting the people weaving change into the fibres of fashion and those who are working to find the stylish side of a more sustainable sector.

Every day we express ourselves through our clothes. Encompassing cultures, personalities, traditions and beliefs, fashion is core to how we present ourselves to the outside world. But with 80 billion pieces of clothing bought every year and 85% of textiles going to landfill each year, our consumption of fashion and clothing is at a high. Fashion trendsetters and pioneers are working to meet this challenge head on with game-changing ideas. At the heart of this is the question: how can we keep expressing all we do through fashion, but without hurting the planet?

Focused on finding the answers, Fashion Redressed explores the incredible stories of innovators and organisations that are working to stop our planet being pushed to a breaking point. Weaving together awe-inspiring innovation, scientific solutions and the celebrated culture of fashion, this collection of stories showcases sparks of inspiration from around the world.

Secure your ticket for the Global Fashion Summit: Boston Edition 2023!

  • September 27, 2023 / 09:00 - 18:00
  • Revere Hotel in Boston, United States.
Global Fashion Summit: Boston Edition 2023 will take place on 27 September, in the Revere Hotel in Boston, United States. The new edition is the second time that the event will be hosted outside of Copenhagen