GFA Academy Masterclasses provide learning opportunities for both industry professionals and consumers who are interested in enhancing their knowledge of sustainability. The various Masterclass series focus on the education of systems and services with earth and humanity in mind.

GFA Monitor Masterclass GFS22

Upcoming Masterclasses

    Election Reflection: The Impact of 2024 European Elections on the Textiles Industry

    Explore the dynamic ecosystem of policymakers who will shape the next five years of EU textile policies.

Rewatch Previous Masterclasses

Next Gen Assembly Masterclass

This Masterclass delves into the art of cultivating narratives that celebrate the creativity of humanity in all its forms within the fashion system, shifting the current course of stories and narratives, under the theme ‘How To Use Storytelling to Drive Impact.’ This masterclass was organised as part of the Next Gen Assembly 2023 programme. 

Unpacking Policy Masterclass Series

Ready to delve into the intersection of fashion and politics in Europe in this crucial election year? Join our ‘Unpacking Policy’ Masterclass series.

Comprising two distinct masterclasses, the series addresses the legacy of the current EU Commission and Parliament concerning policies related to textiles and explores the European Parliament elections and their potential impact on future fashion policy developments.

Learn more about the series and register below.

Consumer Masterclasses

This series educates brands on how to navigate the constantly evolving sustainability landscape in the fashion industry and how they can better engage their consumers on these matters. The rich and informative discourse equips participants with invaluable insights and expertise on topics such as the meaning of key terms, brand operations, sustainable consumption and initiatives to strengthen the consumer/brand communication.

The series complements the Fashion Redressed series, produced for Global Fashion Agenda by BBC StoryWorks. 

GFA Monitor Masterclasses

This series offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the GFA Monitor 2022 report: Progression to a Net Positive Fashion Industry. Master the five priorities of the GFA Monitor report—Respectful and Secure Work Environments, Better Wage Systems, Resource Stewardship, Smart Material Choices, and Circular Systems—with tangible and actionable guidance, tools, and knowledge shared in this series for taking bold and urgent action.

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