GFA Policy Matrix: Americas

The GFA Policy Matrix: Americas serves as a valuable tool for understanding the policy landscape related to sustainability and social matters in the fashion industry across South and North America. Structured around the five key priorities outlined in the Fashion CEO Agenda  (FCA), this matrix provides an overview of the main policy initiatives impacting the industry. The GFA Policy Matrix: Americas does not aim to be exhaustive, and this version was last updated on 22 September 2023. 

GFA Policy

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What is the GFA Policy Matrix: Americas?


Global Fashion Agenda is excited to present the GFA Policy Matrix: Americas, a dynamic and evolving resource designed to comprehensively document the policy landscape relevant to sustainability in the fashion industry across North and South America. Much like its European counterpart, the GFA Policy Matrix: EU, this publication serves as a practical reference for industry stakeholders, policymakers, sustainability advocates, and other stakeholders interested in deciphering the intricacies of policies related to textiles. 

A Comprehensive Resource 

The GFA Policy Matrix: Americas is a non-exhaustive document that encapsulates a wide array of policy efforts across the Americas. Our goal is to offer a holistic perspective on the current policy initiatives in place, in development, or upcoming, which address critical sustainability and social issues within the fashion industry. 

Your Input Matters

We strongly encourage stakeholders from all corners of the industry to actively participate in the evolution of this matrix. Your insights and suggestions are invaluable in ensuring that we capture the full spectrum of relevant policy initiatives. We invite you to share your knowledge and recommendations by sending them to 

A Focus on North America

It is important to note that the GFA Policy Matrix: Americas currently emphasises policy initiatives predominantly in North America. This focus stems from dedicated research conducted in anticipation of the Global Fashion Summit 2023: Boston Edition, which took place on 27 September. The Summit dived further into Global Fashion Agenda’s 2023 editorial theme, ‘Ambition to Action’, reflecting on and responding to what happened at Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition in June. The content was structured around key themes including Policy, Finance and Retail, while also complementing the core priorities of the Fashion CEO Agenda: Respectful and Secure Working Environments, Better Wage Systems, Resources Stewardship, Smart Material Choices, and Circular Systems. 

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