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We’re proud to work with a diverse ecosystem of some of the world’s leading organisations. Through these alliances, we spearhead the fashion industry’s journey towards a more sustainable future.

GFA Ecosystem

Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners are a small group of hand-picked companies, representing different market segments and geographies, who lead by example in their dedication to drive sustainable progress and provide essential leadership to support Global Fashion Agenda’s mission. They act as a first sounding in shaping our sustainability agenda and play an active role in content development, in particular by shaping and signing off on the CEO Agenda.

We’re proud to work with some of the world’s leading companies, all of whom play a vital role in driving sustainability in their sectors

Associate Partners

Our Associate Partners are a group of select companies who are sustainability leaders or have the aspiration to improve their sustainability performance, representing companies of varying size, segment and geographies. They provide additional feedback and input in content developed by Global Fashion Agenda.

Affiliate Partners

Our Affiliate Partners are a part of the GFA community which strive to have sustainability as a key pillar of their strategy. They are companies that are small to medium size, representing varying segments and geographies.

Academic Partners

Our Academic Partners support GFA Academy. Through educational platforms and community knowledge sharing, GFA Academy supports the learning and implementation of sustainability knowledge, tools, and solutions for all industry stakeholders.

Impact Partners

Our Impact Partners contribute subject-matter expertise to support and qualify the content development of Global Fashion Agenda’s annual publication; the GFA Monitor. The Impact Partners identify as leading organisations and are acknowledged principal industry experts in their respective fields.

Strategic Knowledge Partner

Our Strategic Knowledge Partner is the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, who shares our commitment to shape the sustainability agenda in fashion through the joint creation of thought leadership and insights. As a global leader in sustainability topics, and with the fashion industry as a strategic priority, McKinsey supports our thought leadership on a strategic level, leveraging their extensive network and in-house capabilities.


We have forged alliances with a number of selected stakeholders to accelerate the fashion industry’s climate action.


We are highly grateful to our Grantors for supporting the work that we do at GFA.


    Media Partner

Media Partners

Spreading our vision and the work that we do at GFA is crucial in order to achieve our ultimate vision of a net positive fashion Industry. Therefore we partner with selected Media houses to support on spreading awareness, knowledge sharing and thought leadership.

Data Partner

Worldly is GFA’s inaugural Data Partner.  This partnership confirms our organisations’ commitment to consistent, comparable, and credible use of data across the industry. In this collaboration, the partners help the industry to understand critical areas for improvement across the Fashion CEO Agenda framework and strive to close existing data gaps together with the industry’s best-in-class tools and frameworks, to accelerate towards a net positive fashion industry.

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