Fashion is awake,
now it’s time to act

Our vision and mission

With the ultimate vision of a net positive fashion industry, Global Fashion Agenda is on a mission to accelerate impact by inspiring, educating, influencing, and mobilising all stakeholders.

Consequences of the Fashion Industry 

  • 4 %

    of global carbon emissions

    (Fashion on Climate)

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  • 20- 50 %

    of living wage estimates are legal minimum wages

    (Fair Wear Foundation)

  • 80 %

    of all clothing is landfilled or incinerated

    (The Pulse Report 2017)

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  • 35 %

    of microplastic pollution in the oceans

    come from micro fibres shed by synthetic fibres (Fashion CEO Agenda 2021)

    Fashion CEO Agenda 2021

GFA is striving to accelerate the following impact 

  • 50%

    GHG reduction by 2030 & Net zero GHG emissions by 2050

  • 70 million

    workers earn a living wage

  • Reduce

    the use of virgin polyester, conventional cotton & conventional manmade cellulosics. Significantly reduce the use of finite resources.

Latest news

The GFA Monitor Report 2022

The GFA Monitor is intended as a resource to guide fashion leaders towards a net positive fashion industry.

Global Fashion Agenda for…

Through its work, Global Fashion Agenda reaches thousands of stakeholders including brands, retailers,  innovators, NGOs, policy makers, manufacturers, investors and more. 

Our ecosystem

We’re proud to work with a diverse ecosystem of some of the world’s leading organisations – all of whom play a vital role in driving sustainability in their sectors. Through these alliances we spearhead the fashion industry’s journey towards a more sustainable future.