The Consequences of Consumption

This Masterclass series aims to educate brands on how to navigate the constantly evolving sustainability landscape in the fashion industry and how they can better engage their consumers on these matters. The series complements the Fashion Redressed series, produced for Global Fashion Agenda by BBC StoryWorks.

Over the past year, people have taken a range of actions to reduce the environmental impact of their fashion habits, whether it’s mending cherished clothing items or embracing secondhand fashion*. But the question that lingers is: How can we expedite the adoption of even more sustainable consumption practices? And how can the art of storytelling play a role?

Mark your calendars for ”The Consequences of Consumption” Masterclass. This session will provide participants with knowledge about how to reduce negative impacts on the planet and shed light on how storytelling can become a catalyst for positive change.


Date: 16 November, 2023

Time: 04:00 PM CET

Format: Online


* According to the BBC Global Minds survey, 62% of participants have reduced consumption of fashion to reduce their personal impact on the environment and a further 13% would consider doing so this year.

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