Global Fashion Agenda’s
Impact Initiatives

We design and facilitate impact programmes to mobilise collective and cross-sectoral action on topics that no organisation or actor can tackle alone, such as the Circular Fashion Partnership, Global Circular Fashion Forum and Renewable Energy Initiative.

Circular Fashion Partnership

The Circular Fashion Partnership is a cross-sectoral initiative to support the development of effective circular fashion systems in textile, garment and footwear manufacturing regions, by capturing and recycling post-industrial fashion waste.

The partnership seeks solutions to maintain the highest possible value output, following a waste hierarchy approach, and ultimately aims to accelerate textile-to-textile recycling to reintroduce ‘waste’ materials back into fashion products.

Currently active in Bangladesh and Cambodia, with a forthcoming initiative in Vietnam.

Global Circular Fashion Forum

The Global Circular Fashion Forum (GCFF) is a global initiative that is being established by Global Fashion Agenda to spur local action in textile manufacturing countries to accelerate and scale recycling of post-industrial textile waste  –an effort to achieve a long-term, scalable, and just transition to a circular fashion industry.

Renewable Energy Initiative

Global Fashion Agenda, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and international fashion companies BESTSELLER and H&M Group intend to develop the first offshore wind project in Bangladesh, a project with the potential to significantly increase the availability of renewable energy in one of the fashion industry’s most important manufacturing countries.

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GFA provides in-depth analysis and reports based on the latest industry data. It specialises in communicating complex sustainability content in a compelling and actionable manner and is responsible for leading industry publications such as The GFA Monitor, Fashion CEO Agenda, Fashion on Climate, Scaling Circularity and Pulse of the Fashion Industry.

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    The GFA Monitor 2023

    The GFA Monitor is an extensive guide for fashion companies on how to reach a net positive industry through the consolidation of existing knowledge, clear actions to take, credible tools, solutions, data insights, policy developments and proven best

    The GFA Monitor 2022

    The GFA Monitor is intended as a resource to guide fashion leaders towards a net positive fashion industry.