Volunteer for Global Fashion Summit 2024

To bring Global Fashion Summit 2024 to life, we are seeking passionate volunteers for our Support Crew to work from within, be a part of the buzz, and contribute to the world’s leading sustainable fashion summit. 

Taking place on the May 21-23 2024, the Global Fashion Summit, acknowledged as the leading international platform for sustainability in the fashion sector, will once again assemble in Copenhagen. Established in 2009, the summit is widely recognized as a pivotal hub for substantial discussions addressing crucial environmental, social, and ethical issues impacting the industry, individuals, and the global ecosystem.

The theme of the upcoming Global Fashion Summit is ‘Unlocking The Next Level.’ Inspired by a significant milestone, 2024 marks 15 years since the inaugural Global Fashion Summit. This year will provide content experiences with a focused emphasis on tangible impact, aiming to bring together essential stakeholders in the fashion sector, including designers, youth representatives, industry leaders, and delegates from investment, policy, and NGOs.

To bring Global Fashion Summit 2024 to life, we are seeking passionate volunteers to work from within, be a part of the buzz, and contribute to the world’s leading sustainable fashion summit.


The task you’ll be involved in: 

·      Setting up on Build-day before the summit. 

·      Check-in and welcome guest at the entrance.

·      Help guest with various questions and guidance.

·      Help in all areas of the summit and assist on side events if needed. 

·      Break-down after the last summit day. 


As a volunteer you’ll be the face of the Global Fashion Summit 2024 and will play a pivotal role as a friendly face guiding and assisting some of the most influential voices in the fashion industry.


We are looking for individuals who embody: 

·      Fluent in English 

·      Helpful and organized.

·      Good hosting abilities.

·      Timely 

·      18+


Applying for this volunteer position presents a unique opportunity to directly influence the largest summit in the world for fashion sustainability. By actively participating, you can contribute to making a meaningful impact while immersing yourself in the distinctive energy surrounding the Global Fashion Summit. Please apply via the application form linked below.

Please note that when applying, you are not secured a position at the Summit before you have received an email from us with an answer. You will receive this answer within the first week of March.

It is a requirement that you can travel to Denmark and be available between 20th–23th of May 2024. In return-and as a thanks for your valuable help-we will provide you with our exclusive on-demand library to the value of €299, a Global Fashion Summit 2024 t-shirt, a letter of recommendation, a special gift from the Summit team, and finally–some exciting and meaningful days at the heart of the world’s center of sustainable fashion.

As Global Fashion Summit is committed to diversity and inclusion, we encourage all ages, races, nationalities, sexual orientation, disabilities, sex and gender identity, religion or political affiliation to apply for vacancies. If you have any questions regarding the application, please write: volunteer@globalfashionsummit.com

Other considerations:

  • Global Fashion Agenda, the organiser of Global Fashion Summit, is a non-profit organisation that is working to accelerate sustainability in the fashion industry. As such, many individuals enthusiastically support our cause and willingly choose to donate their time and skills to support the organisation, learn more about sustainability and help to advance progress.


  • Global Fashion Summit offers up to 50 volunteers/support crew from across the globe the opportunity to experience the landmark leadership forum which they would otherwise have been unable to attend. During the four-day period, volunteers can gain practical knowledge and skills related to the execution of a large-scale event, deepen their understanding of fashion and its impact, build a community with fellow passionate volunteers, and interact with attendees.