GFA announces VP of Impact & Sustainability

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Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), is pleased to announce that Holly Syrett has been promoted to the role of VP Impact Programmes & Sustainability. In her new role, Syrett will be dedicated to accelerating GFA’s impact to support the transition to a net-positive fashion industry.


Working in close partnership with the Federica Marchionni, CEO and Jonas-Eder Hansen, COO, Syrett will work to shape the sustainability agenda, drive GFA’s impact programmes and publications, and ensure strategic engagement with key industry stakeholders and partners.


Syrett will continue to lead GFA’s Publications and Impact Programmes team to further translate GFA’s ambitions into actions through the implementation of impact programmes that address social and environmental barriers in the industry. In addition to developing new projects, Syrett will lead the expansion of the Global Circular Fashion Forum – which spurs collective and local action in textile manufacturing countries to scale the recycling of post-industrial textile waste. Syrett will also drive the collaborative efforts surrounding the Renewable Energy Initiative which aims to significantly increase the availability of renewable energy in key manufacturing regions like Bangladesh.


Furthermore, as VP Impact Programmes & Sustainability, Syrett will oversee the development of GFA’s trusted thought-leadership publications including the Fashion CEO Agenda and GFA Monitor as well as the creation of future tools and guidance to educate and mobilise the industry.  


Syrett was formerly Director of Impact Programmes & Sustainability at GFA. She joined the organisation in 2020, bringing 14 years of experience working on sustainability and transparency programmes in the fashion industry for both public and professional audiences. Syrett is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper Alumni, Climate Reality Leader and she holds a BA in Fashion and Branding from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. As part of the Global Shapers’ Community, she co-founded the Shaping Fashion movement that is active in 50+ cities worldwide.

Federica Marchionni Chief Executive Officer
"Holly has demonstrated strong efforts to accelerate and enhance GFA’s impact programmes and thought leadership as we strive to unlock the next level for the fashion industry. Her sustainability knowledge combined with her passion and dedication to GFA’s mission makes her a great candidate to empower further."
Holly Syrett VP Impact Programmes & Sustainability
"I feel incredibly privileged to be able to support the sustainable transformation of the fashion industry at Global Fashion Agenda. I am grateful to work with GFA’s brilliant team and leaders, who are empowering me to grow into a role that resonates with my personal purpose and mission, and am dedicated to driving positive impact for our industry."

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