Global Fashion Agenda Welcomes New Board Member

By Constance Beswick

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Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) is delighted to welcome Harsh Saini to its Board of Directors. An industry veteran in sustainability, supply chains, thought leadership and innovation, Harsh has spent over two decades at global brands in various roles from corporate communications, marketing, trade relations, to supply chain compliance and sustainability. As a member of the GFA board, Harsh will help GFA accelerate the transition to a net positive fashion industry for people and the planet.


Harsh will contribute expertise based on her wealth of industry experience – having spent much of her career at prestigious brands including Nike, The Body Shop and global supply chain manager the Fung Group. She brings knowledge of delivering industry-changing improvements in diverse commercial settings around the world, with integrated brand reputation strategies to identify value-adding opportunities for brand building and reputation, increased environmental sustainability, human rights, and equality with digital innovation.


“We are thrilled that Harsh will be joining the GFA family,” said Niels Eskildsen, GFA Chairman & CEO, Designers Remix. “Her in-depth knowledge of the fashion value chain will be extremely valuable to furthering GFA’s mission and vision, and perfectly complements the range of expertise among the Board.”


“I’m so pleased to be joining the GFA team, which I’ve been working with closely for over 10 years. The opportunities and guidance that GFA offers the industry are very unique,” said Harsh. “Going forward, I’m looking forward to being part of the team moving into the next phase of GFA, building new, permanent, and strategic alliances that create a bedrock for the industry and can make it truly sustainable.”


The board of directors is Global Fashion Agenda’s executive body and signs off on the organisation’s budget and strategy. The board comprises seven appointed executive members with experience in the fashion industry and other areas relevant to Global Fashion Agenda’s purpose. In addition to ensuring corporate governance and compliance, the board’s role is to oversee that Global Fashion Agenda operates in a healthy manner in terms of the organisation, team, funding and overall objectives and activities.


View all board members here.

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