Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark announces her Patronage of Global Fashion Agenda

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30 May 2024: Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), a non-profit organisation accelerating sustainability in the fashion industry, is honoured to be included among Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark’s official patronages announced today.

HM The Queen was a longstanding Patron of Global Fashion Agenda in her previous role as HRH The Crown Princess. Resuming the Patronage demonstrates her continued commitment to promoting a sustainable and responsible textile industry.

Global Fashion Agenda mobilises action through multiple impact initiatives, educational resources and convening forums, including Global Fashion Summit – the leading international forum for sustainability in fashion. Showcasing an unwavering dedication to a more sustainable future, HM The Queen has attended every Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen since its inception in 2009, where she has delivered multiple impactful addresses designed to inspire and activate leaders from around the world.

Most recently, HM The Queen attended Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition on 22 May 2024, where she delivered remarks emphasising that a sustainable fashion industry is not a limitation but an opportunity for an inclusive, creative and prosperous future that nourishes our planet and respects our people.

Over the years, HM The Queen has also explored emerging innovations that can provide more sustainable solutions for the fashion industry. Her Majesty regularly tours the Innovation Forum at Global Fashion Summit – which presents a curated community of the leading sustainable solutions that can support fashion brands and retailers to drive meaningful transformation.

Federica Marchionni Chief Executive Officer
"Her Majesty's resumption of patronage for GFA fills us with profound gratitude and inspiration. With Her Majesty’s visionary leadership and unwavering support in the past 15 years, The Queen has truly helped us to catalyse and develop the transformation for a sustainable fashion industry. As we continue our journey towards a Net Positive future, we are emboldened by Her Majesty's dedication to making a difference. With The Queen’s guidance, we will continue to push and lead the way towards a more conscious and sustainable world. We are truly honoured to have her as our beacon of commitment and inspiration."

The 15-year journey embarked upon by GFA during HM Queen Mary’s patronage has encompassed diverse initiatives intended to catalyse collective action. In addition to hosting the flagship Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, the forum was developed to be hosted in key locations in Asia and America to influence even more fashion stakeholders around the world. GFA has also strives to educate the industry by publishing core guidance for fashion leaders through its Fashion CEO Agenda and The GFA Monitor reports and its masterclass programmes. GFA has also introduced ground-breaking impact programmes, such as the Global Circular Fashion Forum, which spurs local action in textile manufacturing countries to scale recycling of post-industrial textile waste, and the Renewable Energy Initiative – a collective investment from the fashion industry to significantly increase the availability of renewable energy in Bangladesh – one of the fashion industry’s key manufacturing countries.

Under HM The Queen of Denmark’s Patronage, GFA will continue to drive action by mobilising, inspiring, influencing and educating all stakeholders, led with the ultimate vision of a net-positive fashion industry for people and the planet.

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