Innovations to Guide Sustainable Citizens

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Fashion has the power to be a leading force in tackling the climate crisis, that is, if we address the role it plays in perpetuating current patterns of consumption and production. As we grapple with increased consciousness around this, we know that this pace cannot be maintained if we are to remain within planetary boundaries.

This month, we’ve been taking a deeper dive into consumption in the fashion industry. We’ve considered whether the title ‘consumer’ is due a rethink, we’ve explored the balance of responsibility between citizens, policymakers, and corporations as the antidote to the climate crisis and we’ve laid out how citizens can re-evaluate their consumption habits and use their purchasing powers to send a strong signal to the industry on days such as Black Friday.

Read more about where the responsibilities lie here and our sustainable citizen guide here.

Our Fashion on Climate report indicated that sustainable consumer behaviours have the power to influence 21% of fashion’s carbon emissions. To help citizens navigate the complex world of sustainability, a number of pioneering solution providers exist to help streamline the process of consuming more mindfully.

Our digital Innovation Forum showcases an extensive range of solution providers that are encouraging industry-wide transformation by providing solutions to support processes throughout the entire fashion sector. Innovations are a key way to create change in the supply chain by allowing citizens to shop circular clothing, access better size guides and gather more information about the credibility of brands sustainability claims.

Solution Providers

Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) is a global leader in providing physical and digital labelling solutions. Avery Dennison is actively involved in serving the evolving needs of citizens while advancing the circular economy and engaging customers in the life cycle of garments. This is evident in the Digital Solutions Portfolio – with labels indicating how a garment was made, what it was made from, how to care for it, and how to recycle or resell it to ensure a circular product lifecycle.

Aware™  is a traceability technology that verifies the authenticity of sustainable materials. With a simple scan people can distinguish genuinely sustainable fabric whilst accessing all of its traceability data. Citizens can in shop in confidence, knowing a brands sustainability claims are reliable and genuine.

EyeFitU AG is a software company in the fashion industry offering a SizeEngine™ AI Platform and Advanced Analytics. The SizeEngine™ provides guides costumers with the most precise, engaging and innovative size and fir software in the world. As a result, return rates are lowered which has a direct impact on CO2 emissions and reduces transportation, reconditioning and waste.

Renoon is the first app globally that empowers citizens to realise their sustainable lifestyle and values when shopping for clothing by combining the offering from multiple websites at once and assessing sustainability at the product level. Renoon’s proprietary algorithm can process millions of fashion items and assign sustainability attributes to them. As such, Renoon functions as a direct-to-consumer destination and educational tool, bringing transparency in the industry and allows users to be guided, as well as educated, in a new value-based, personalized experience.

Sense – Immaterial Reality exist to support the digital transformation journey through innovative technologies. Among its offerings is Sense Fabric – highly photorealistic and detailed 3D models of fabrics, reproducing all of the features of the real product. This customised solution means that all products in a collection can be viewed in Immaterial Reality – like having a sample in your hands only without the production and shipping costs.

Visit our digital INNOVATION FORUM to browse and connect with the entire array of solution providers that can help futureproof the industry.

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