Solution Spotlight: Circular fashion and textile technology group Infinited Fiber Company further their mission to make textile circularity an everyday reality

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In the past few months Infinited Fiber have announced significant collaborations with several big name brands as they ramp up the preparations for their planned flagship factory. Infinited Fiber Company’s technology turns cellulose-based raw materials, like cotton-rich textile waste, into Infinna™, a unique, premium-quality fiber with the natural, soft look and feel of cotton. Infinna™ is biodegradable and contains no microplastics, and at the end of their life, garments made with it can be recycled in the same process together with other textile waste.

Outdoor apparel company, Patagonia, and fashion brands H&M Group and BESTSELLER each recently announced multi-year purchasing deals with Infinited Fiber Company, securing their access to the limited-supply Infinna™ fiber over the coming years. The deals also secure Infinited Fiber Company future sales income as it ramps up production and prepares to build a 30,000-metric-ton-per-annum factory in Finland.

Lise Kaae, a member of the board at BESTSELLER’s investment arm for sustainable fashion Invest FWD noted: “Infinited Fiber Company has an opportunity to close the loop in the fashion industry with textile-to-textile recycling.”

Alongside the sales deals, Infinited Fiber have also secured 30 million euros in new investments in a financing round led by H&M Group. ​​The round brought Infinited Fiber Company new investors, including sportswear company adidas, Invest FWD A/S, and investment company Security Trading Oy. Among the existing investors contributing to this round alongside H&M Group were investment company Nidoco AB, and Sateri, the world’s largest viscose producer and a member of the RGE group of companies.

Find our more about Infinited Fiber, the sales deals and latest financing round: ​​

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