Solutions Spotlight: Immaterial reality for business strategy

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The decisions and actions we take have the power to outstandingly recalibrate our world for the better. What could be more exciting than that? We at Sense – immaterial Reality dare you to be forward-thinking!

When we’re deeply plunged into difficulty it’s tempting to suppress innovation. Yet, whether we choose to see it or not, we’re at a pivotal moment of enormous potential. Why passively accept the cold leftovers of outmoded ideas when we can open the door to entirely new experiences?

Business model innovation refers to the development of novel concepts and to the evolution of individual business models and prevalent systems in the fashion industry alike.

We believe that nowadays fashion should not create unnecessary material waste and pollution. Imagination, or rather immateriality, is all that is needed at all stages of the product life cycle. That’s why we keep asking: “Why choose imagination if you can have immaterial?”

The role of governments and international institutions in supporting technological innovation should not be underestimated: institutions in many countries are playing a critical role in driving positive change at the state level. Nevertheless, fashion brands are urged to not await such policies being put in place but to bring sustainable and effective digital measures now. It will set the industry on a greener track for the years to come, will allow a fashion future to be smarter, more flexible, and better placed to manage uncertainty.

The pandemic shed light on the global supply pipeline and, due to lockdowns, online sales spiked to the equivalent of six years of growth in only eight months, incentivizing the industry to foster innovative solutions and champion current best practices. Some companies in the luxury segment have already recorded in 2021 quarterly results higher than the same period in 2019.

Immaterial Reality is defined as the evolution of the “traditional” Augmented Reality and as the perfect fusion between Physical and Digital Reality. We inside Sense – immaterial Reality are constantly looking for new solutions able to simplify and exploit emerging technologies to favour the production and sales processes of companies. Immaterial Reality permits you to create new experiences, new workflow, and new mental approaches. Now together with the customer, you can imagine and design new processes with a touch of magic.

Digitalization concerns the incorporation of digital technologies into business practices to enable heightened traceability and real-time understanding of processes in the value chain. In the past year, the industry’s digital transformation was accelerated due to COVID-19 with e.g., the increased use of digital showrooms and samples. 1

As we all step blinking into fragile new realities it’s tempting to imagine that Immaterial Reality and the 3D universe is a momentary stop-gap in the lockdown journey. For brands that want to participate in true digital transformation that leads to strategic change and builds long-term resilience, it’s time to engage with a sector that will take fashion, and our surrounding culture and society, out of this century and into the next one.

1. Oeko-Institut for the European Commission (2019). Impacts of the digital transformation on the environment and sustainability.

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