Spotlight On: ERDOS Group’s Mission to Lead the Sustainable Development of the Cashmere Industry

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The sourcing and production of fibres and materials used by the fashion industry comes with many repercussions. As such, adhering to thorough production standards and practices is a key component to mitigating some of the far-ranging implications of the textiles sector.

Erdos Eco Ranch


ERDOS Group has always acknowledged the responsibilities that come with being one of the world’s largest producers of cashmere. The Group is dedicated to ensuring sustainability across every aspect of the supply chain, from goat rearing, green production and designing to cashmere apparel manufacturing and retailing. On 29 September 2022, Erdos Eco Ranch was unveiled, which demonstrates the Group’s determination to protect and develop high-quality cashmere resources while preserving grasslands and enhancing ecosystems.


The organisation understands that the sustainable development of the cashmere industry relies on thriving grasslands and ecosystems, which in turn yield high quality cashmere. Thus, the Group prioritises sustainability across these areas. Construction of the Erdos Eco Ranch began in 2021, serving as a standardised demonstration ranch that integrates scientific research and rearing, training and promotion of these methods, and cashmere collection and storage.

With the aim to develop high-quality cashmere and establish an eco-friendly approach to rearing goats, the Group set up four labs on the Ranch which encompass everything from resource conservation and environmental protection to cashmere quality and animal nutrition and health. Furthermore, the Group is collaborating with China Agricultural University, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, and Inner Mongolia University to research improvements in cashmere goat breeding and the enhancement of cashmere quality.

The Importance of Collaboration


ERDOS Group also recognises that safeguarding grasslands and goats cannot be accomplished when acting alone – collaboration between herders and the industry is essential. Therefore, the Ranch also serves as a platform to support and partner with local communities to promote credible goat breeding and raising methods. The Group runs training programmes to help herdsmen to implement these methods. Erdos Group also leverages the Ranch to discuss the practical implementation of joint investment and development, with the ambition to help local communities prosper alongside the industry.

Animal Welfare


Crucially, Erdos Group is actively working on furthering and promoting animal welfare. The Group was the first enterprise in China to obtain The Good Cashmere Standard ® (GCS ®) Certification and operates under the SFA x ICCAW Cashmere Goat Welfare Code of Practice. Now, Erdos Eco Ranch is working to help herders adapt to the requirements of these certifications. Furthermore, the Group set up breeding and ranch management standards with Inner Mongolia University and promote these standards within local communities. The standards clarify the basic principles of animal welfare, introduce sustainable breeding and ranch operating protocols and mandate the tracing and recording of information on goat breeding and cashmere production at each stage.

Looking Ahead


Erdos Group is also working to establish the Ranch as a landmark, to promote sustainability and grassland culture to a wider public. On 22 April 2023, World Earth Day, the Ranch’s Mini programme was launched, allowing people to view the beautiful scenery around the Ranch and observe the high standards to which the goats are being raised and taken care of. In the future, the Group plans to introduce on-site artists and a grassland culture programme.


Erdos Group is one of Global Fashion Agenda’s Associate Partners. Find out more about our partners here.


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