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Find out more about the Lenzing’s ‘Naturally Positive’ sustainability strategy.

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Fashion has the power to inspire, excite, and express our identities and cultures. Yet despite the industry’s potential to lead the global discourse in sustainability, it faces challenges as a result of its rapacious growth.

Sustainability Strategy

Lenzing Group is driven by a profound mission – to bring the beauty of nature into textiles while leaving no waste behind.

Lenzing is committed to the ecologically responsible production of fibers made from the renewable raw material of wood grown in sustainably managed forests and plantations. As an innovation leader, Lenzing partners with global textile and nonwoven manufacturers to drive new technological developments.

Sustainable fibres are Lenzing’s passion – working to generate additional benefits for people and the environment in cooperation with its partners. This idea is at the heart of Lenzing’s sustainability strategy and the related ambitious targets. Originally, Lenzing’s sustainable thinking and acting was merely based on the use of the natural raw material wood. However, in the meantime it wants even more: to make a substantial contribution to a better world together with its customers and partners, and carry this idea into the business of the fashion brands. This is because complex global challenges demand a cooperative approach. With Lenzing’s “Naturally positive” sustainability strategy, it is transforming this mission into reality.

Fashion Redressed

Imagine a film that takes you on an awe-inspiring journey, one that redefines your perception of fashion, sustainability, and the natural world.

Lenzing’s contribution to the Fashion Redressed series, presented by Global Fashion Agenda, is a film that promises to shift your mindset. The film is produced by BBC StoryWorks as part of an online series, exploring how we can bring more responsible fashion to your wardrobes.

Watch the episode ‘Returning to Nature’ here.

Catch up on the Fashion Redressed session at Global Fashion Summit: Boston Edition 2023 in the on-demand library here.

Lenzing is an Affiliate Sponsor of Global Fashion Summit: Boston Edition 2023. Find out more here.

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