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The global multinational Sanko Group, celebrating it’s 120 year anniversary this year, marks a new beginning with the establishment of Re&Up, a circular tech company under the holding’s umbrella. Re&Up has developed a solution to transform end-of-life textile waste into high-quality raw materials at scale.

Re&Up is committed to advancing innovation in the development and production of cotton and polyblend materials, ensuring that they match the performance of virgin fibres while embodying sustainable solutions for the future challenges of our planet. With the backing and experience of its esteemed affiliates, ISKO the go-to woven technology ingredient for fashion and SANKO with its more than centenary knowledge in material science and textile innovation, they have created a seamless closed-loop ecosystem that transforms end-of-life textile waste into high-quality raw materials and fabrics at scale, benefiting the entire industry.

Why do Re&Up do this? The primary focus is to address the growing textile waste problem, driven by the need to eliminate landfills and incineration and to meet the rising demand for recycled fibres globally. With approximately 100 million tons of textile waste generated in 2023, of which only 1% is recycled, the industry faces a pressing challenge. By 2030, textile waste is expected to reach 150 million tons, while the demand for recycled fibres exceeds the available supply.

Re&Up’s technology facilitates the separation and recycling of polyester and cotton fibers, creating a closed-loop ecosystem. It’s patented technologies enable the recycling of various materials, including denim, workwear, and knitwear, catering to a wide range of industries.

Led by General Manager Andreas Dorner, formerly of Lenzing Group, and supported by a team of 30 industry specialists, Re&Up currently operates two factories in Turkey, with further expansion plans including the establishing of hubs into regions with high textile recycling potential, starting with Europe.

The company’s current production capacity is 80,000, of which it is already fulfilling, but with the aim of increasing this to 200,000 tons by 2025 and eventually reach one million tons by 2030.

Re&Up’s recycled fibres, priced competitively with virgin cotton and polyester and with matched quality and performance, undergo rigorous quality control measures, ensuring compliance with standards such as GRS and RCS. Ongoing research and development aim to further enhance recycling capabilities, ensuring a more sustainable and cost-effective future for the industry.

To learn more about Re&Up and their innovative solutions transforming textile waste into high-quality raw materials, visit their website at Re&Up. Re&Up is the Principal Sponsor of Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2024, driving sustainable innovation within the fashion industry.

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