Algaeing™ is all about proactively addressing apparel and textile supply chain practices, combating climate change, and capitalizing on the growing market demand for sustainable and healthy products.


With an innovation that converts algae into bio-fiber and eco-friendly dye, Algaeing™ is redesigning the world of fashion and other industries for future generations. Detoxifying Textile: that is the Algaeing™ vision.
Conventional fabric production and textile dyeing causes irreversible environmental damage and depletes precious natural resources such as land and water. For instance, the production of one ton of cotton fabric consumes 200 tons of water, with 90% becoming polluted and re-entering our waterways and food system. Conventional materials like cotton necessitate substantial pesticide use, harming biodiversity, while textile dyeing has severe consequences for water usage and pollution. Algaeing™ has solved both of these issues by harnessing the power of algae. This is the beginning of a new era: Toxic textiles — out. Algaeing™ — in(side). To enable every textile company to finally become part of the solution, and start creating cleaner, more responsible textile.


    Innovator Spotlight: Smart Material Choices

    Choosing and using the right fibres and materials, as well as production practices, is key to limiting the far-ranging implications for the biosphere.

    Introducing Fashion Redressed

    GFA is delighted to announce the release of Fashion Redressed: a new digital film series depicting inspirational stories and innovations that aim to redesign the fashion industry, produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions.

    Solution Spotlight: Lenzing and Södra take a giant leap further towards closing the loop from fiber to fiber in fashion

    Lenzing, a leading global supplier of wood-based specialty fibers, and Södra, a world-class producer of pulp, signed a cooperation agreement with the clear objective of making a decisive contribution to addressing the enormous textile waste challenge

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