Create2STAY was founded by five senior fashion and IT executives with the simple purpose of democratizing re-commerce.


By democratising re-commerce, making it accessible to all and easy to use, create2STAY gives small, medium or large businesses easy access to gaining a foothold in the booming re-commerce market. At the same time, brands can regain control of their unique brand universe, engaging consumers in re-commerce and still earn margins, too.
Create2STAY is a plugin, white label, re-commerce platform fully integrated into Shopify, Magento and Commerce Cloud. Create2STAY offer a solution that sits alongside a brand’s current e-commerce offering. Helping brands to prolong the lifespan of products.
At the same time create2STAY takes care of logistics, imagery, cleaning, repair and recycling, leaving you to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.
Consumers are more open to circular shopping than ever before and are already pulling brands towards a total paradigm shift as a result, Gen-Z consumers leading the change. Re-commerce is growing at a rate that’s 21 times faster than the overall fashion industry, steals more share of wallet than any other sector and is expected to exceed fast fashion in 2029. On top re-commerce increases a product’s life cycle and is therefore a crucial part of reducing carbon emissions.


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