What if you could stop used clothes from ending up in dumpsters and instead capture the value of their precious raw materials?


What if you could stop textile waste from ending up in landfills and incinerators and instead capture the value of their precious raw materials? That’s what Infinited Fiber Company’s groundbreaking textile-to-textile recycling technology does. It breaks down the cellulose in cotton-rich textile waste and regenerates it into a brand new, virgin-quality fibers that look and feel like cotton and go by the name Infinna™. Endorsed by leading fashion brands,  Infinna™ can be used on its own, to create 100% circular garments, or blended with other fibers.

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    For the past two decades, Usha Yarns has been actively engaged in the mechanical recycling of textile waste, showcasing a mastery of large-scale and efficient recycling practices.


    Syre is a textile impact company on a mission to decarbonise and dewaste the textile industry through textile-to-textile recycling at hyperscale, starting with polyester.


    NATIVA™ provides nature-focused solutions to brands and supply chain partners, ensuring 100% traceable natural fibers secured by Blockchain technology.