NATIVA™ provides nature-focused solutions to brands and supply chain partners, ensuring 100% traceable natural fibers secured by Blockchain technology.


With a global presence yet a place-based approach, they work closely with farmers to implement holistic practices that optimise natural resources and ensure ethical practices. The NATIVA™ Protocol certifies the sustainability of wool and cotton based on three key pillars: animals, people and planet.


Additionally, NATIVA™ has developed NATIVARegen™, a robust regenerative agriculture programme grounded in scientific research and backed by data. It enhances soil quality, safeguards animals and supports farmers and local communities, leaving the land better than how we found it.


NATIVARegen™ started with wool and has recently incorporated cotton, amplifying their commitment towards a more sustainable supply chain with a long-lasting positive impact. The programme supports farmers and their communities through training and financial incentives, ensuring the well-being of those who shape our supply chain.


They are committed to responsible agriculture, innovation with purpose and environmental stewardship.

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