A collaboration between Heron and Zellerfeld.

Fashion Designer and Founder of HERON PRESTON.


Art Director, Consultant, DJ and Collaborator. His eponymous label features sport- and workwear-inspired separates and accessories for both women and men. In his role, Preston embodies the modernity of fashion and culture; cultivating a distinct community that is propelled by a synthesis of cutting-edge style, and complemented by art and music.


”I believe being small, smart, and lean can help the industry be better equipped to adapt to change. Producing locally and keeping inventory in flux with demand are also pillars of building a sustainable future.”

How to create a 100% 3D printed sneaker?


Footwear designers around the globe often struggle to follow their true passion: creating beautiful and innovative shoes. Due to high upfront costs and often complex construction methods, experimentation in the industry is all too rare, while playing it safe is the norm rather than the exception.

To change this, the team behind Zellerfeld has spend many years developing a 3D printing technology that enables designers to produce wearable footwear, even at a small scale.

With this unique 3D printing technology, Zellerfeld is able to print entire shoes using highly flexible and recyclable materials that are both comfortable and strong enough for daily-use.


Zellerfeld’s printing capability allows for prints to have multiple densities and different textural finishes within a single print. With that in mind Heron and Daniel were fascinated by the nuance of “machining biomimicry”, deciding to feature the scale pattern from the talons of a Heron bird on the upper.We then chose to juxtapose the bio-mimicked upper with a clean, robotic like sole unit. Inspired by Conceptkicks® founder and product designer, Daniel Bailey’s conceptual “Sunday Sketch” footwear project, the sole is split into three sections also mimicking bird talons, with an outsole pattern inspired by the pores from their claws.

Visit Daniel Bailey. Visit ConceptKicks®.


Leading brands and designers are increasingly experimenting with novel approaches and innovations. Today, 3D printing is often used for exclusively prototyping, but Zellerfeld believes this technology is ready to be scaled for production.

This will not only result in designers bringing bolder designs to market, but it will also open up new markets and opportunities that have not been addressable before – for example, by printing custom-fitted and recyclable shoes locally, which can help transform the industry to become more efficient and sustainable.


“When Heron first reached out to us, we were overwhelmed by the myriad of design directions we could go together. They are so limitless! And as soon as Daniel joined, our ideas became even more tangible. In the end we were able to experiment with a design that not only rethinks footwear but also incorporates key elements from all three of usCollaborating with Heron and Daniel has been fun, refreshing and good for the planet. We cannot wait for what the future will hold.“
– Cornelius Schmitt on behalf of Zellerfeld

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