A collaboration between Parley and HYMNE.

Founder, HYMNE (2015).


Creative Director, Designer and Entrepreneur. Osifeso founded his contemporary menswear brand HYMNE as a study on the utility of clothing, both functionally and artistically. He also leads Los Angeles-based design firm SVP&S whose clients have included the likes of Nike, Reigning Champ, the NBA, Jordan Brand, Top Dawg Entertainment, 100 Thieves and Universal Music Group, among others.


“We have to reapproach what we view as success. Maximising profits is wonderful, but it must not be at the expense of morality in regard to social or environmental impact. Companies with a great bottom line, but who are morally bankrupt should be held accountable and not categorised as ‘successful’.”



Parley for the Oceans developed the first global supply chain for upcycled marine plastic debris and introduced Ocean Plastic®, a range of eco-innovative materials that set new industry standards and transform products into symbols of change.

Created from upcycled plastic waste intercepted by Parley from remote islands, shorelines, waters and coastal communities, Ocean Plastic®provides an immediate replacement for virgin materials and a catalyst for solutions. Its use in the fashion, sports and luxury industries raises global awareness, champions the Parley AIR Strategy (Avoid, Intercept, Redesign), and helps fund initiatives focused on education, eco-innovation, research, and direct impact.

Believing plastic is a design failure for which there is no closed-loop system, Parley sees the key to ending marine plastic pollution not in recycling, but in the redesign and replacement of harmful materials, methods and thinking.


In close collaboration with major brands, artists, activists, creators, thinkers and leaders, Parley is working to reduce overall plastic use and calling for a Material Revolution to create the future of materials that can replace it.

Awareness campaigns, cleanup operations and Ocean Plastic®allow Parley to help alleviate immediate threats to marine wildlife and reduce the use of virgin plastics in product design, manufacturing and distribution.

Parley also recognizes that the only way to end marine plastic pollution in the long run is to invent smarter materials and synchronize the economic system of mankind with the ecosystem of nature. Therefore, together with a network of experts, Parley operates an extensive research and development program to invent alternatives, support eco-innovation and establish new industry standards to shape a new culture of creativity and collaboration.

Creating an Ocean Plastic® based tracksuit designed by Jide Osifeso for HYMNE.


PARLEY AIR is the strategy to end the fast-growing threat of marine plastic pollution. Parley believes plastic is a design failure, one that can only be solved by reinventing the material itself. Inspired by the fact that every second breath we take is generated by the oceans, AIR stands for three pillars of action: AVOID plastic wherever possible; INTERCEPT plastic waste; REDESIGN materials, methods and mindsets. The strategy is simple and can be scaled across private households, businesses, governments — and the creative industries that mold reality through ideas, materials and products.


PARLEY FOR THE OCEANS is a global network where creators, thinkers and leaders raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction. Founded in 2012, Parley believes the power for change lies in the hands of the consumer, given we all have a choice, but the duty to empower the consumer lies in the hands of the creative industries, brands, governments, and environmental groups.  With a focus on marine plastic pollution, overfishing and climate change, and deep-sea exploration, Parley implements comprehensive strategies to ensure we are fast enough to meet the ultimate deadline, before we lose a treasure we have only just started to explore and still don’t fully understand: the magic blue universe beneath us — the oceans.

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