The Five Winners of The Earthshot Prize 2023

Discover the Earthshot Prize 2023 winners, who have been recognized for their remarkable contributions to combatting environmental challenges.

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The Earthshot Prize, a globally renowned environmental prize and platform for impact, dedicated to finding and growing solutions that will repair our planet this decade, has proudly unveiled its five winners.

On 7 November, the prestigious Awards Ceremony, held at Singapore’s Mediacorp Theatre, not only introduced the world to the five ground-breaking winners of this year’s Earthshot Prize but also celebrated the climate action movement for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world.

In the battle against climate change, innovation has become an indispensable force, and Southeast Asia has positioned itself as a global powerhouse in this endeavour, with Singapore being at the heart of the movement. As we navigate the complex and urgent task of climate action, innovation becomes the engine that propels us towards a greener, more resilient planet. As Global Fashion Agenda was an official Nominator for the Earthshot Prize this year, our CEO, Federica Marchionni, noted: 

Federica Marchionni Chief Executive Officer
"The remarkable winners of the Earthshot Prize embody unwavering ambition in driving transformative change for our planet. It's wonderful that the award ceremony was hosted in Singapore one year after GFA’s Global Fashion Summit was hosted there, continuing to platform the innovative influence of the region. With our ongoing collaboration with the Earthshot Prize as Nominators, Global Fashion Agenda remains committed to leveraging innovation, technology, creativity and ambition in the fashion industry to accelerate sustainable solutions."

Global Fashion Agenda proudly continues its role as an Official Nominator for the third consecutive year and is actively seeking input from its extensive sustainability network to identify potential winners for the Earthshot Prize 2024. Learn more about how to participate here.

2023 Winners

The 2023 Earthshot Prize winners represent a diverse array of visionaries who have been handpicked from over 1,300 nominees by the Earthshot Prize Council. These individuals, activists, and innovative projects, including a city-led initiative, have demonstrated outstanding solutions to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges in the world.

Each winning project aligns with one of the five ‘Earthshot’ objectives, encompassing: Protect and Restore Nature, Clean our Air, Revive our Oceans, Build a Waste-Free World, Fix our Climate. Below, we delve into the exceptional achievements of each category’s champions:


Protect and Restore Nature: Acción Andina

Acción Andina, a grassroots initiative, is dedicated to upholding the ancient Inca principles of “Ayni and Minka,” emphasising collaborative efforts for the common good. High Andean forests in South America have suffered from deforestation, animal grazing, and mining, which has led to infertile farmland and reduced water supplies, with less than 10% of these native forests remaining[1]. Acción Andina collaborates closely with high Andean communities to execute conservation initiatives and foster partnerships for sustainable land and resource management, with the aim of protecting these vital ecosystems for nature and the well-being of the region’s inhabitants.


Clean our Air: GRST

GRST presents an innovative solution to a pressing problem in the electric vehicle market. As the demand for lithium-ion batteries rises with the growth of electric vehicles, the need to address the environmental and ethical concerns associated with their production and disposal becomes increasingly urgent. GRST’s ground-breaking approach offers a sustainable pathway forward by replacing toxic materials with a water-soluble binding composite in battery construction, mitigating the need for further resource extraction and advancing the cause of cleaner electric vehicles.


Revive our Oceans: WildAid Marine Programme

WildAid, a global non-profit organization, is addressing the critical issue of illegal fishing and strengthening ocean conservation efforts on a global scale. With over 70% of the planet covered by oceans[2], their biodiversity and the livelihoods of millions depending on fishing are at risk due to unsustainable overfishing. Through knowledge sharing and targeted efforts, WildAid’s Marine Programme enhances law enforcement by providing essential tools, technology, and resources to combat illegal fishing, support wildlife recovery, uplift coastal community livelihoods and ultimately boost Marine Protected Areas.


Build a Waste-Free World: S4S Technologies

S4S Technologies addresses the critical issue of food waste and its impact on smallholder farmers in rural India with its innovative approach. Rural populations in India heavily depend on smallholder farming for their livelihoods, yet around 30% of agricultural produce goes to waste on the farms[3]. S4S Technologies combats food waste, rural poverty, and gender inequality by empowering smallholder female farmers to preserve and market surplus produce by providing affordable solar-powered equipment, enabling on-site crop preparation and reducing the reliance on costly conventional methods.


Fix our Climate: Boomitra

Global agriculture faces challenges due to a short-term mindset, poor land management, and the compounding effects of climate change, leading to soil degradation. Boomitra operates a soil carbon marketplace that incentivises farmers for adopting sustainable land management practices. Companies and governments seeking emissions offset solutions can purchase independently verified carbon credits from Boomitra’s marketplace, with the majority of the revenue directly benefiting the farmers and ranchers.


You can find out more about the Earthshot Prize and the winners here.

Read more about the 2022 Winners here.


Image Credit: Earthshot Prize

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