Checkpoint Apparel Labelling Solutions (ALS) are a global branding and labelling partner for apparel retailers, brand owners, and manufacturers.


Checkpoint’s 50-year heritage in working with retailers to provide labels, hardware and software solutions worldwide provides a unique perspective on the challenges retailers are facing today, and how technology can be used to overcome them.

Your partnership with them goes beyond the customer garment experience. Intelligent RFID labels, designed and manufactured in-house, make global logistics and supply chains easy to manage, too. The possibilities are endless! Their clients value creativity, ethics, and transparency in a labelling partner. Intelligent labelling solutions enable our customers to have greater control over their stock.  Their mission is to enable retailers to have better inventory accuracy using real time intuitive data – this helps reduce waste and over consumption in the fashion industry. As they design and manufacture their software, hardware and tagging solutions they are always working to reduce their environmental impact by using sustainable materials, processes, and a transparent supply chain. They are with you from the creative concept stage to the finished solution.


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    Choosing and using the right fibres and materials, as well as production practices, is key to limiting the far-ranging implications for the biosphere.

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