Made2Flow empowers fashion brands and manufacturers to decarbonise their supply chains by bridging the gap between supply chain management, production, human relationships, and environmental sciences.


Made2Flow’s proprietary technology automates data gathering and validation across the value chain, identifies the impact levers, and provides personalised GHG reduction recommendations to manufacturers across tiers 1-3, considering their location, specific processes, sustainability maturity, budget, and more.


This holistic solution connects brands, manufacturers, and third-party verifiers, leading to enriched and standardized environmental impact inventory (17 indicators- GHG, Water Use etc) data for better control and informed decision-making.


Made2Flow has gathered data from more than 7,600 suppliers globally and helped over 40 brands initiate and implement decarbonisation activities. The company has an extensive partner network and a robust third-party data-sharing mechanism. 

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