MycoWorks developed and owns Fine Mycelium, the world’s only proprietary biotechnology that harnesses mycelium to grow a made-to-order natural material that offers the performance of the finest animal leather with lower environmental impact.


Recognized globally as a breakthrough in materials science, Fine Mycelium’s durability, customizability and aesthetic features unlock new design possibilities while its tray-based process offers relief to existing supply chain constraints.
Co-founded in 2013 by artists Philip Ross and Sophia Wang, MycoWorks blends craftsmanship and science to create Fine Mycelium, the customizable, durable material whose hand evokes the same quality and emotional response as the world’s finest heritage animal leathers.
Commercial reactive exhaust dyeing is the most widely used method employed for dyeing knit cotton textiles. It is also a source of major Global Water Pollution. Nano-Dye Technologies offers a simple drop in, plug and play solution, to ameliorate the dirty reactive exhaust jet dyeing process. Nano-Dye Technologies successfully transforms this into a sustainable process, quickly, responsibly, affordably with traceability and tracking.


    Key Takeaways for Fashion From COP27

    Explore seven of the key activities and takeaways for fashion from COP27.

    Fashion’s role at COP27: A unanimous call for holistic targets, investment and collective action

    GFA presented three insightful events that brought together a range of industry experts to address critical industry topics.

    Renowned fashion stakeholders convene in Singapore for Global Fashion Summit to spur sustainability impact

    Global Fashion Summit assembled over 250 stakeholders in Singapore.

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