TEXAID is a circular service specialist for the fashion and textile industry.

Closing the loop with Texaid

As a European market leader dedicated to sustainability, TEXAID is an experienced global solution provider in professional collecting, sorting, repair, reselling, and recycling of textiles and footwear. With more 45 years of experience, TEXAID processes more than 280M items (80.000 tons) annually. TEXAID’s operational presence spans Europe and North America, with more than 1,200 employees contributing daily to saving millions of textiles from landfill or incineration.  

 TEXAID’s Unit Retail Solutions is designed to address the textile industry’s growing needs for sustainable end-of-use solutions and provides custom-made concepts to producers, distributors, brands, and retailers in the textile industry to keep pre- and post-consumer textiles and footwear in the circle. 

TEXAID’s circularity services cover online and offline take-back systems, custom sorting of pre- and post-consumer textiles, refurbishment, online, and offline reselling channels and enabling of textile-to-textile recycling. Moreover, we provide services like brand protection (delabeling, etc.) and branded or white label re-commerce platforms. Through our vast expertise we create and deliver individual concepts and optimized solutions.

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