The mission of Nano-Dye Technologies is to Globally transform the dyeing of cellulosic and cellulosic blend textiles to be environmentally neutral, with our Unique and Disruptive Cationic Patented Inventions.


In the dyeing process we do not use salt, and we reduce water usage instantly until all the water is then affordably recycled (Net Zero Water). We reduce energy by using less chemistry, lower temperature, and increasing process speed. Color bonding, and washability is enhanced for prolonged use. Our practical solution is cost neutral and is effectively coupled to the industries presently used dyeing machinery and dyestuff.
Our newest pending patent this year, soon be released, removes all dyestuff from textile pollution and upcycles it for reuse. Dyestuff is one of the hardest compounds to filtrate due to its small size and its high quantity in textile dyeing pollution. Dyes when released into our ecosystem, biodegrades into cancer causing compounds due to its heavy metals content. Once in our ecosystem and mixed in water, is very hazardous for farming irrigation, drinking plus many other human uses. Our innovation will put an end to this.
Commercial reactive exhaust dyeing is the most widely used method employed for dyeing knit cotton textiles. It is also a source of major Global Water Pollution. Nano-Dye Technologies offers a simple drop in, plug and play solution, to ameliorate the dirty reactive exhaust jet dyeing process. Nano-Dye Technologies successfully transforms this into a sustainable process, quickly, responsibly, affordably with traceability and tracking.


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    GFA has appointed Thomas Tochtermann as Chairman and Thomas Klausen as Vice Chairman. Niels Eskildsen steps down as Chairman after 10 years to pursue new business ventures.

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