Innovation Forum

Since 2018, the Innovation Forum has turned words into action by presenting a curated selection of the world’s most promising solutions covering the entire supply chain.

What is the innovation forum

The Innovation Forum presents a curated community of the world’s leading sustainable solutions and connects them to fashion brands and retailers to drive meaningful transformation. GFA Academy work to bring on board Innovation Forum members to cover the entire value chain – from innovative materials to end-of-use solutions. Through various activities and networking opportunities facilitated by GFA Academy throughout the year, Innovation Forum members are being connected with the broader fashion industry to nurture new ideas and stimulate the market.

Solution providers

At Global Fashion Summit, the Innovation Forum exhibition space delivers solutions to the impacts needed to address the industry challenges as discussed at the Summit. The Innovation Forum Matchmaking programme enables small and large fashion businesses to advance their sustainability journey, by providing the unique opportunity to be matched with relevant solution providers.

Contact us

Whether you are a Brand or a Retailer wishing to be connected with Solution Providers or if you are a Solution Provider wishing to be connected with Brands and Retailers, get in contact and let us do the matchmaking.