Quifactum is a SaaS that unburdens (Fashion) brands through automatic creation of Digital Product Passports (DPP) at item level and generation of unique QR codes.


Quifactum is a SaaS that unburdens (fashion) brands through automatic creation of digital product passports (DPP) at item level and generation of unique QR codes.  


Through connections with ERP, PLM and LCA’s and their proprietary software to capture data, the DPP’s are automatically populated with all relevant and mandatory data. Everything runs in the background so Quifactum customers don’t have to do anything at all.   


The front-end pages can be customized to be coherent with the branding and the attractive storytelling can be used for marketing and sales purposes. DPP’s also facilitate CSDR reporting. 


The price model is simple: a small fee is charged per item, whether the DPP is at model,  batch or item level. 


    Insights from the Unpacking Global Policy Masterclass

    The Unpacking Policy Masterclass provided a platform to dissect the global policy landscape and its implications for the fashion industry, especially in the context of the 2024 EU elections and the new European Commission mandate.

    Reflecting on 15 Years of Global Fashion Summit

    Fifteen years ago, Global Fashion Summit, presented by Global Fashion Agenda, emerged as a beacon of inspiration in an industry grappling with its environmental and social impacts.

    Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark announces her Patronage of Global Fashion Agenda

    Global Fashion Agenda is honoured to be included among Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark’s official patronages announced today.

    Decarbonising the Fashion Industry

    Learn about the urgency for decarbonisation and collective financing industry action in the fashion industry.

    GFA announces VP of Impact & Sustainability

    Global Fashion Agenda is pleased to announce that Holly Syrett has been promoted to the role of VP Impact Programmes & Sustainability.

    Next Gen Assembly’s 2023 Reflections

    A reflection on how the fashion industry has evolved over the past 12 months.

    HM Queen Mary: Fifteen Years of Supporting Sustainable Fashion

    HM Queen Mary: Fifteen Years of Supporting Sustainable Fashion

    What the Fashion Industry Can Learn from COP28

    Learnings and considerations for fashion from COP28.

    Next Gen: What Can Fashion Learn From Nature - A Journey Through the Nutrient Cycle

    This article is a contribution from Next Gen Assembly 2023 Members, Kaja Grujic and Clara Tomé.

    Next Gen: Education as a Tool for Action

    This article is a contribution from Next Gen Assembly 2023 Members, Ikeoluwa Adebisi and Indira Varma.

    Next Gen: Do We Really Love Fashion?

    Next Gen Assembly member Jesse reflects on our existing consumption-centred relationship with fashion and questions the idea of love that’s present in it

    Spotlight On: H&M Group

    Learn about H&M Group's investments in the use of renewable energy.

    GFA and H&M Foundation Forge Partnership to Accelerate Circularity

    Today on Global Recycling Day, Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) and H&M Foundation are thrilled to announce a new collaboration to bolster the efforts of the Global Circular Fashion Forum (GCFF).

    Unlocking the Next Level: Esteemed fashion leaders assemble in Copenhagen to catalyse and accelerate sustainability progress

    On 21-23 May, Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2024 assembled over 1000 esteemed representatives from brands, retailers, NGOs, policy, manufacturers, and innovators from both the fashion and adjacent industries to unlock the next level of su

    15 Years of Activating Impact: Leading Fashion Summit Sets the Stage to Unlock the Next Level for Sustainability

    Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark to speak at the 15-year anniversary of Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen. Leaders from Kering, Patagonia, Ralph Lauren, and Brioni will join 100+ speakers to share their insights.

    Unlocking the Next Level: New Funding Programme Aims to Scale Fashion Innovation

    The new Trailblazer Programme, presented by GFA & PDS Ventures, is seeking promising early-stage innovators who are working to accelerate the transformation of the fashion and textile industry with planet positive solutions.

    Revolutionising the Runway: Is Fashion Doing Enough?

    Fashion weeks symbolise a cultural zeitgeist, providing powerful channels to convey crucial messages in unconventional ways.

    Meet the 2024 Next Gen Assembly

    Global Fashion Agenda’s Next Gen Assembly, supported by Fashion Values, empowers and elevates the voices of talented students and young professionals who aspire to accelerate impact and advocate for the next generation of fashion practitioners.

    Earth Day 2024: Fashion’s Role in Climate Change

    As we observe Earth Day on April 22, it is crucial to acknowledge the significant impact of the fashion industry on our planet.

    Is Fashion’s Impact on Water being overlooked?

    As we observe World Water Day on March 22, it is imperative to recognise the fashion industry's profound yet often overlooked impact on water resources.

    Driving Sustainability Through Social Innovation

    The textile industry is one of the most labour-intensive industries in the world. Behind every garment we wear, there are people with their own stories. Fashion’s supply chain spans the globe and crosses many borders.

    It's Spring, the Season for Sustainability Reports

    April is often a time to take stock: a number of brand and company sustainability reports have come out in recent weeks, and more will be released soon.

    Transparency and Traceability: Value Chain Collaboration as a Strategic Priority

    Where do the boundaries of a brand end in a global production process which crosses territories, involves innumerable people, and is influenced by climate and geopolitical changes? These boundaries are increasingly blurred because everything touched

    Examining the Era of Micro Trends

    Prevailing trend categories have always existed, but historically these notions defined decades as opposed to a singular week on social media. We are now in the era of micro trends.

    International Women’s Day: Unravelling Gender Pay Gaps in Fashion Value Chains

    As we approach International Women’s Day, it is imperative to recognise the enduring challenge of pay inequality within the fashion industry, disproportionately affecting women and other historically marginalised groups worldwide.

    Second-hand and rental platforms offering luxury garments for a fraction of the retail price are growing in popularity.

    Luxury fashion platform, Vestiaire Collective, has developed an online retail space that is trying to meet and grow consumer demand for high-endpre-owned – by selling items with the same convenience and experience as purchasing new. Second-hand and

    Using colour in garments can have a negative impact on water quality and safety.

    In a laboratory in Norwich, UK, the Colorifix team is engineering microorganisms to produce natural dyes. Under the watchful gaze of a team of synthetic biologists, petri dishes come alive with a menagerie of vivid organisms in new shades of crimson,

    Fashion industry joins forces with the renewable sector to decarbonise production in Bangladesh

    Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and international fashion companies BESTSELLER and H&M Group have announced their intention to develop the first offshore wind project in Bangladesh.

    Celebrating Innovation: Announcing the Winner of the Trailblazer Programme

    We are pleased to present the winner of the Trailblazer 2024 Programme, Bloom Labs, a pioneering company at the forefront of sustainable material innovation.

    Innovator Spotlight: The GFA Monitor

    Learn more about members of Global Fashion Agenda’s Innovation Forum paving the way for industry-wide transformation across the five priorities of the GFA Monitor.

    The GFA Monitor: Fashion Industry Progress Check

    Find out more about the GFA Monitor 2023.

    Introducing The GFA Monitor 2023

    Find out more about the GFA Monitor 2023.

    Insights on Textile Waste Opportunities in Vietnam

    Learn more about the 'Textile Waste Opportunities for Circular Textiles, Garments, and Footwear in Vietnam' webinar.

    The five winners of the Earthshot Prize 2023

    Discover the Earthshot Prize 2023 winners, who have been recognized for their remarkable contributions to combatting environmental challenges.

    Global Fashion Agenda seeks solutions for The Earthshot Prize 2024 nominations

    GFA is an Official Nominator for the Earthshot Prize 2024.

    Spotlight on: Trove

    Find out more about Trove's "Where Are Circular Models Effective Sustainability Strategies for Fashion Brands?" report.

    Innovator Spotlight: Fashion CEO Agenda

    Discover the innovators paving the way for industry-wide transformation across the five priorities of the Fashion CEO Agenda.

    Unpacking Policy at Global Fashion Summit: Boston Edition 2023

    Unpacking Policy at Global Fashion Summit: Boston Edition 2023

    Spotlight On: Lenzing Group

    Find out more about Lenzing's 'Naturally Positive' sustainability strategy.

    Spotlight On: Neiman Marcus Group

    Find out more about the Neiman Marcus Group's ESG strategy.

    EU Greenwashing Proposal: Cohesion or Confusion?

    EU proposal is a missed opportunity for cohesion and clarity on green claims.

    Eminent fashion experts convene in Boston to spur sustainability action

    Fashion leaders and industry stakeholders convened for the renowned Global Fashion Summit: Boston Edition to mobilise action towards a net positive industry.

    New Report Presents Keys to Unlock the Next Level in Sustainable Fashion

    Introducing the Fashion CEO Agenda 2024

    Fashion’s tangible pathway to becoming net positive

    Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) has released the 2023 edition of the Fashion CEO Agenda — a concise report to support the establishment and implementation of leader.

    Unlocking Bangladesh's circular apparel industry - collaborative strategies and innovation at the forefront

    Unlocking Bangladesh's circular apparel industry - collaborative strategies and innovation at the forefront

    Spotlight On: Ralph Lauren Corporation

    Find out more about Ralph Lauren Corporation's circularity strategy

    Advancing The Circular Economy: Insights from the French EPR Scheme for Textiles

    Discover the key takeaways from our webinar exploring the French EPR scheme.

    Policy Highlights From Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2023

    Discover a recap of some of the key policy learnings from content sessions at Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2023.

    Reflections on Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2023

    As we look ahead to Global Fashion Summit: Boston Edition 2023, we take some time to reflect on the key sentiments, considerations and highlights from the Copenhagen Edition in June.

    Harmonised EPR for Textiles

    Positioning the EU at the Forefront of a Sustainable Textile Market

    Ambition to Action: Fashion Leaders Convene in Copenhagen to Accelerate Impact

    Leaders assembled at the renowned forum for sustainability in fashion to mobilise action and usher in a transformative phase for the industry.

    Innovative fashion brands rise to the GFA Designer Challenge to create more responsible products

    Global Fashion Agenda has unveiled global fashion brands PUMA and Collina Strada’s responses to the GFA Designer Challenge 2023.

    Spotlight On: UPM Biochemicals

    Partnership will challenge brands to exit fossil-based materials, accelerating the sustainable transformation of the textile industry.

    Spotlight On: Re&Up

    The global multinational Sanko Group, celebrating it’s 120 year anniversary this year, marks a new beginning with the establishment of Re&Up, a circulartech company under the holding's umbrella.

    Spotlight On: Mango

    Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, sees sustainability as a journey the fashion industry has to make to achieve a more just society and to reduce its environmental and social impact.

    Meet the Next Gen Assembly: The Eight Changemakers Set to Shape the Future of Sustainable Fashion

    Global Fashion Agenda has revealed the eight Members that will form the first iteration of the Next Gen Assembly.

    Esteemed experts convene to map out Cambodia’s circular textile future

    Over 100 leading experts and stakeholders on 16 May to discuss the current state of textile waste in Cambodia and establish the next steps towards a circular future.

    Global Fashion Agenda appoints new Chairman and Vice Chairman

    GFA has appointed Thomas Tochtermann as Chairman and Thomas Klausen as Vice Chairman. Niels Eskildsen steps down as Chairman after 10 years to pursue new business ventures.

    Met Gala 2023: The Emergence of Sustainable Style on the Red Carpet

    Following the annual Met Gala on Monday, we were left contemplating whether a night so unapologetically centred around extravagance could in fact be carried out more sustainably.

    Leading Visionaries to Share Insights on Sustainability at Global Fashion Summit

    Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark, Patron of Global Fashion Agenda, will present a Welcome Address at Global Fashion Summit.

    Spotlight On: ERDOS Group’s Mission to Lead the Sustainable Development of the Cashmere Industry

    ERDOS Group recognises that the sustainable development of the cashmere industry relies on thriving grasslands and ecosystems.

    Innovator Spotlight: Smart Material Choices

    Choosing and using the right fibres and materials, as well as production practices, is key to limiting the far-ranging implications for the biosphere.

    Spotlight On: Maersk

    An increased focus on logistics is integral for the industry to reach its sustainability goals.

    Rana Plaza: Ten Years On

    The collapse of the Rana Plaza building was a tragic incident for the fashion industry and will always signify a poignant moment of awakening and solidarity.

    Leading sustainable fashion organisations seek Next Gen Voices to Inspire Change

    Global Fashion Agenda has launched the search for seven leading Next Gen voices in the fashion industry to participate in the Next Gen Assembly 2024.

    Leading sustainable fashion organisations seek inspirational Next Gen voices

    Global Fashion Agenda has launched the search for seven leading Next Gen voices in the fashion industry to participate in the Next Gen Assembly.

    Policy Initiatives for Smart Material Choices

    Explore how smart material choices are being incentivised by policy initiatives.

    The Impact of Deinfluencing on the Fashion Industry

    Find out more about the deinfluencing trend as we consider its wider impact on fashion.

    GFA at the OECD Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector

    Global Fashion Agenda participated and closely contributed to the 2023 OECD Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector.

    Innovator Spotlight: Resource Stewardship

    Learn more about the Solution Providers featured in our Innovation Forum, that are paving the way for industry-wide transformation by contributing to improved resource stewardship.

    GFA Academy partners with Fashion Values

    GFA Academy will work closely with Fashion Values to empower students and emerging fashion businesses.

    Policy Initiatives for Resource Stewardship

    Explore how the protection of resources is being tackled by policy initiatives.

    Introducing Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2023

    Find out more about Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2023.

    Runway Role Models: Sustainability at Copenhagen Fashion Week

    CPHFW is distinguished for both the covetable Scandi style it showcases as well as its rigorous sustainability strategy.

    Spotlight On: BESTSELLER

    Find out more about BESTSELLER’s POWER Programme

    Demystifying Greenwashing, Greenwishing & Greenhushing

    GFA breaks down the ‘three greens’: greenwashing, greenwishing and greenhushing.

    Sustainability at Davos 2023

    Explore the key sustainability messages from Davos 2023.

    Innovator Spotlight: Circular Systems

    Read about Solution Providers that are paving the way for industry-wide transformation by promoting Circular Systems.

    Neiman Marcus Group joins Global Fashion Agenda’s Associate Partner Group

    Global Fashion Agenda welcomes Neiman Marcus Group to its Associate Partner group.

    Industry Insights: 2022 in Review

    In 2022, sustainability was certainly a major focus for the industry, but which areas were prioritised and what is on the agenda for 2023?

    Policy Initiatives for Circular Systems

    Policy can play an important role in unlocking the full potential of a circular fashion economy.

    Global Fashion Agenda seeks solutions for The Earthshot Prize 2023 nominations

    The search for The Earthshot Prize 2023 Winners has officially begun, and Global Fashion Agenda is proud to continue its role as an Official Nominator.

    Five ambitious solutions awarded the Earthshot Prize 2022

    The Earthshot Prize, the most prestigious and ambitious global environment prize in history, designed to incentivise change and aid in the repair of our planet over the next ten years, announced its five winners of the 2022 Prize on Friday.

    Key Takeaways for Fashion From COP27

    Explore seven of the key activities and takeaways for fashion from COP27.

    Fashion’s role at COP27: A unanimous call for holistic targets, investment and collective action

    GFA presented three insightful events that brought together a range of industry experts to address critical industry topics.

    Renowned fashion stakeholders convene in Singapore for Global Fashion Summit to spur sustainability impact

    Global Fashion Summit assembled over 250 stakeholders in Singapore.

    Fashion, watch and jewellery industries join forces to accelerate action on the 2030 Agenda

    Global Fashion Agenda has forged a new alliance with the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 to unite iconic fashion, watch and jewellery brands in a bid to accelerate positive impact.

    GFA and UNEP Call for Fashion Sector Insights for a Net Positive Industry

    Global Fashion Agenda invites you to share your insights in the Fashion Industry Target Consultation (FITC).

    Calling fashion stakeholders: new consultation set to define holistic and concrete targets for a net-positive industry

    SHARM EL SHEIKH, 8 November 2022: Today, at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced that they have partnered to launch the Fashion Industry Target Consultation – seeking publ

    Introducing Fashion Redressed

    GFA is delighted to announce the release of Fashion Redressed: a new digital film series depicting inspirational stories and innovations that aim to redesign the fashion industry, produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions.

    Global Fashion Agenda to launch new film series on BBC.com

    GFA is delighted to announce a new film series, to be produced for them by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions.

    Alliances for Collective Action

    As the current efforts will not suffice to align the fashion industry with the target to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we must act together to transform bold commitments into decisive actions.

    Demystifying the Metaverse and Metawashing

    With all that is new, comes important considerations about impact – both long and short term. In this ambiguous moment for the metaverse, we assess the current scope of sustainability challenges and opportunities.

    Innovator Spotlight: Better Wage Systems

    Read about Solution Providers that are paving the way for industry-wide transformation by promoting Better Wage Systems to ensure workers earn a living wage.

    Policy Initiatives for Better Wage Systems

    Improvements in Better Wage Systems are expected to be implicated by three important ongoing policy initiatives.

    The Circular Fashion Partnership in Practice: Primark

    Primark shares how the Circular Fashion Partnership has made an impact at the organisation.

    PUMA Joins Global Fashion Agenda's Associate Partner Group

    Global Fashion Agenda welcomes PUMA to its Associate Partner group.

    The Circular Fashion Partnership in Practice: Benetton Group

    Benetton Group shares how the Circular Fashion Partnership has made an impact at the organisation.

    The Circular Fashion Partnership in Practice: Usha Yarns Limited

    Usha Yarns Limited shares how the Circular Fashion Partnership has made an impact at the organisation.

    The Circular Fashion Partnership in Practice: C&A

    C&A shares how the Circular Fashion Partnership has made an impact at the organisation.

    Fashion stakeholders to convene in Singapore for esteemed sustainability forum

    Global Fashion Agenda has launched a new international edition of Global Fashion Summit.

    The Circular Fashion Partnership in Practice: BESTSELLER

    BESTSELLER shares how the Circular Fashion Partnership has made an impact at the organisation.

    Climate change is brought sharply into focus

    'Climate catastrophe’ is not an abstract concept for the future, it is upon us now.

    Innovator Spotlight: Respectful and Secure Work Environments

    GFA highlights some of the innovators that are working to establish Respectful and Secure Work Environments.

    The Circular Fashion Partnership in Practice: Peak Performance

    Peak Performance shares how the Circular Fashion Partnership has made an impact at the organisation.

    Policy Initiatives for Respectful and Secure Work Environments

    Policy initiatives present important opportunities to drive positive social and economic development for the people the fashion value cycle employs.

    Plastic-Free July: Spotlighting Material Innovations

    This plastic-free July, we wanted to talk about material choices in the clothes we wear.

    Global Fashion Agenda Welcomes New Board Member

    Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) is delighted to welcome Harsh Saini to its Board of Directors. An industry veteran in sustainability, and supply chains.

    Reflections on Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2022

    This month, over 900 leaders of brands, retailers, NGOs, policy, manufacturing, and innovators descended on Copenhagen in a bid to drive urgent action at the latest edition of the Global Fashion Summit.

    World Environment Day 2021: Regenerative Agriculture and Fashion

    Continued unsustainable practices and the destruction of our planet’s ecosystems not only present a great threat towards biodiversity but also to the future survival of our planet’s natural carbon sinks.

    Forecasting Fashion Week: The Future of the Runway

    Today ‘sustainable’ practices are being adopted at every level of the fashion industry’s value chain, but what actions are being taken to improve practices related to fashion shows?

    Hope and determination in the face of the IPCC Report

    A stark warning came last week as the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest climate change report.

    Consumption – Where do responsibilities lie?

    Talk of sustainable fashion is not reserved for brand executives and leaders, but rather, the industry is faced with a generation of citizens with all-encompassing sustainability agendas well-established in their arsenals.

    Illustrious brands and organisations reveal new sustainability actions at Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition

    Illustrious brands and organisations reveal new sustainability actions at Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition.

    Cutting through the complexity: Fashion industry organisations rally together to consolidate guidance for leaders

    06 June 2022: Today, on the eve of Global Fashion Summit, Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) released The GFA Monitor — a new report to guide fashion leaders towards a net positive fashion industry.


    The fashion value chain employs around 65 million people, the majority being female, many of whom are exposed to occupational hazards, ranging from exposure to dangerous work conditions to discrimination.1 Today, gender-based violence remains a leadi


    Promoting the industry-wide implementation of wages and working conditions that meet the basic needs of workers presents an opportunity for fashion brands to enhance the prosperity of the economies and people that interact with the value chain. 


    Today, we see consumer industries continue to exploit Earth’s natural resources threatening biodiversity, while planetary resources, such as water and land, are limited. Optimising resource efficiency and minimising the use of natural resources are c


    Today fashion is primarily produced in a linear system, of “take, make, dispose”, with 73% of the world’s clothing eventually ending up in landfills.1 While some brands have initiated the process of redesigning their product lifecycles, complexities


    The material mix is one of the biggest drivers of a fashion brand’s environmental footprint and comes with implications for climate change, waste and biodiversity. Across segments, it can determine up to two thirds of a brand

    Solution Spotlight: Lenzing and Södra take a giant leap further towards closing the loop from fiber to fiber in fashion

    Lenzing, a leading global supplier of wood-based specialty fibers, and Södra, a world-class producer of pulp, signed a cooperation agreement with the clear objective of making a decisive contribution to addressing the enormous textile waste challenge

    Solution Spotlight: YKK launches digitally connected zippers in collaboration with Houdini and EON Product Cloud

    Changing the current practices of manufacturing and consumption is one of the ways in which society can thrive in a sustainable way. In the apparel industry, this vision is manifested in “circular fashion,” which we see more often every day.

    Solutions Spotlight: Immaterial reality for business strategy

    The decisions and actions we take have the power to outstandingly recalibrate our world for the better. What could be more exciting than that? We at Sense - immaterial Reality dare you to be forward-thinking!

    Solution Spotlight: Circular fashion and textile technology group Infinited Fiber Company further their mission to make textile circularity an everyday reality

    In the past few months Infinited Fiber have announced significant collaborations with several big name brands as they ramp up the preparations for their planned flagship factory. Infinited Fiber Company’s technology turns cellulose-based raw material

    Solution Spotlight: Recover™ aims to solve this need with the accelerated adoption and scaling of its recycled cotton.

    Sustainability has taken center stage in the fashion and textiles industry in recent years, as the industry´s toll on the environment becomes more and more evident. With the fashion industry contributing to global water pollution, a growing scarcity

    Solution Spotlight: The latest generation dyeing plant breaks down the consumptions of water, energy and steam

    The methodology of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out on the dyeing plant has quantified the energy savings and the reduction on the environmental impact.

    Solution Spotlight: Kno Global extends factory worker community to India amidst COVID-19

    Amidst COVID-19 online social community has been a need for all of us. Especially for the people working in factories making our products. It’s traditionally been hard to measure and quantify the social impact of business activities, however Kno Glob

    Solution Spotlight: Haelixa, the DNA traceability solution, announces the collaboration with UPW

    Haelixa, the DNA traceability solution, announces the collaboration with UPW, the design led luxury and sustainable yarn manufacturer based in Hong Kong.

    Solution Spotlight: Birla Cellulose: Circular fibers and sustainable fashion

    The current system for producing, distributing and using clothing operates almost in a linear way. It generates about 92 million tons of waste every year, out of which only 1% is estimated to be recycled, most of it is going to landfill and incinerat

    Solution Spotlight: Crystal International Steps Up Circularity with Second Life Denim Collection

    Crystal International Group Limited (“Crystal International”) takes circularity to a new height by launching eco denim collection – Second Life, online. 

    Solution Spotlight: Chargeurs*PCC Launches Digital Asset Studio in CLO-SET Connect to Innovate the 3D Digital Design Process

    Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies, the world’s largest apparel interlinings manufacturer, and CLO Virtual Fashion, the world leader in 3D garment simulation technology, announce that Chargeurs’ digital assets are now available in the CLO-SET Connect

    Solution Spotlight: Avery Dennison Announces Partnership with Browzwear to Accelerate Market-First 3D Solutions for Apparel Industry

    Avery Dennison, a global leader in innovation and materials science, branding, and manufacturing, has announced its partnership with Browzwear, a pioneer of 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, to launch enhancements for its 3D design softw

    Solution Spotlight: Eastman Naia™ cellulosic fiber- A sustainable choice for sweaters and knitwear

    Eastman, maker of sustainably sourced Naia™ cellulosic fiber, recently launched its Naia™ fiber in the sweaters/knitwear category. Naia™ fiber is a sustainable choice for sweaters and knitwear, giving designers more choices and versatility to create.

    Spotlight On: Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies’ Launch of Sustainable 360™

    The manufacturer has expanded its sustainable offering in response to rapid growth of sustainable business

    The Faces Behind the Circular Fashion Partnership: Lynne Walker

    As Director of Primark Cares, Lynne Walker is responsible for transforming Primark Cares from a label to a value, leading a dedicated team and working closely with multiple others across the business to accelerate Primark’s decade-long sustainability

    The Faces Behind the Circular Fashion Partnership: Mostafiz Uddin

    Mostafiz is a visionary entrepreneur who owns a niche, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible compliant garment manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. He is part of the circular fashion partnership to drive change in the fashion industry.

    The Faces Behind the Circular Fashion Partnership: Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen

    For Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, Sustainable Materials & Innovation Manager at BESTSELLER, it’s all about being holistic.

    The Faces Behind the Circular Fashion Partnership: Nin Castle

    "Waste is only waste if it goes to waste.” Often (and easily) said words, but Nin Castle, Co-Founder, Lead of Recycling and Chief Project Officer at Reverse Resources, is translating these words into action.

    Spotlight On: Digital is closing the loop in fashion’s sustainability drive

    The circular fashion economy is sparking into life, and it’s wonderful to see CFS+ driving momentum with its informative and ambitious programme of speakers this October.

    Ralph Lauren Joins Global Fashion Agenda’s Strategic Partner Group, Supporting its Mission to Prioritise Sustainability in Fashion

    Global Fashion Agenda, announced today that Ralph Lauren Corporation (NYSE:RL),  the global, iconic leader in premium lifestyle products, will join its group of Strategic Partners.

    CFS+ 2021: Designer Challenge

    When it comes to creating sustainable fashion products, one of the biggest challenges today is: how do we disrupt profitable fossil-fuel reliant old ways of production, to find new sustainable net-zero methods that benefit people and planet? 

    Illustrious leaders convene at the digital Copenhagen Fashion Summit, CFS+, to drive sustainable impact in the fashion industry 

    “Redesigning the concept of growth is one of the biggest systemic issues of our time.” - Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark

    Managing Expectations While Meeting Ethical Demands

    Sustainability is often seen as the quest for a viable future, but this definition fails to account for who this viable future will accommodate.


    GFG, the leading online fashion and lifestyle destination in emerging markets and GFA, the leading non-profit for industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion, have today announced a strategic partnership.

    7 Key Takeaways for Fashion from COP26

    Over the last two weeks thousands of people including world leaders, negotiators, government representatives, businesses and citizens convened in Glasgow for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).

    Fashion can become 80% circular through pre-competitive collaboration to scale textile recycling

    New research demonstrates the potential for pre-competitive collaboration to scale textile recycling technologies.

    International Women’s Day - Looking back at the inspiring women at Global Fashion Summit 2022

    Climate change and fashion are both feminist matters – there is a clear intersection between women, the climate crisis and the clothes we wear.

    Conscious Consumption – A Citizen’s Guide

    Black Friday is unashamedly a day centred around the mass production and consumption that is so problematic today.

    Innovations to Guide Sustainable Citizens

    Fashion has the power to be a leading force in tackling the climate crisis, that is, if we address the role it plays in perpetuating current patterns of consumption and production.

    Spotlight On: H&M Group Launches “Circulator”

    By 2025, Global Fashion Agenda’s Strategic Partner, H&M Group, aims for 100% of its brands’ products to be designed for circularity – from the drawing board all the way through the multiple loops of a circular ecosystem. 

    The Shift to Fur-Free Fashion

    What was once synonymous with luxury fashion, the industry is increasingly moving away from fur, as it reckons with both the ethical and environmental implications of the material. 

    Spotlight On: Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge 2021

    Tommy Hilfiger has revealed the six finalists for this year’s edition of the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge. 

    Spotlight On: Polestar

    Polestar is a design-focused electric performance car brand, harnessing refined performance and cutting-edge technology. 

    Demystifying Traceability

    Fashion sustainability is awash with buzzwords these days. Even for savvy citizens well attuned to the likes of greenwashing, the space can be complex and ambiguous and hollow promises from brands remain rife.

    Global Fashion Agenda is seeking a Chief Impact Officer

    GFA is seeking a dynamic and experienced Chief Impact Officer with experience from the international fashion industry and deep knowledge of sustainability in fashion, to lead the organisation’s thought leadership and content work.

    Relive the Media Masterclass on Transparency in the apparel & footwear industry

    Global Fashion Agenda co-hosted the masterclass presented media with views on the steps that must be taken to prevent greenwashing and empower consumers.

    Earth Day 2022: Small Steps to Make a Difference

    Ahead of Earth Day, we wanted to highlight some small steps that you can take to be a little bit kinder to the planet. 

    Earth Day 2022: An Ode to Climate Allies

    Since the first Earth Day in 1970, a sense of urgency and determination has increased more and more each year.

    European Union: An Uncertain Legislature

    This article is a contribution from Jaime Villaverde, Associate Professor of Policital Science at the Universidad Pontifica Comillas and Public Affairs Consultant at Kreab Spain.

    GFA Interview Series: The Policy Pulse

    We are pleased to introduce the inaugural edition of "The Policy Pulse" - a new format where we dive deep into discussions with some of the most relevant policymakers who are playing a key role in defining the future of the textile industry.

    2023 Reflections and Seasons Greetings

    Explore GFA's highlights from 2023.

    2022 Reflections and Seasons Greetings

    Explore GFA's highlights from 2022.

    IPCC Report Outlines the Narrow Window for Change

    With the IPCC Reports taking approximately seven years and thousands of scientists to compile, this may be the final warning before we find ourselves on a direct and decisive route to irreversible and catastrophic climate collapse. 

    Scaling Circularity: A Policy Perspective

    ‘Circular fashion’ was coined in 2014 and has since become commonplace in fashion’s sustainability lexicon.

    World Water Day 2022: Fashion’s Water Consumption and Pollution

    World Water Day, held on 22 March every year since 1993, celebrates water and raises awareness of the two billion people living without access to safe water.

    The Relationship Between The Rainforest and The Runway

    Today marks International Day of Forests 2022, a day to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests. This year the day will be observed under the theme of ‘Forests and sustainable production and consumption’. 

    Global Fashion Agenda and UN Climate Change Secretariat Join Forces to Accelerate Fashion’s Climate Action

    Global Fashion Agenda has forged a new alliance with UN Climate Change secretariat (UNFCCC) to accelerate the fashion industry’s climate action.

    Latest IPCC Report Reiterates the Importance of Intersectionality

    February saw the release of the latest IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, focusing on: ‘Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability’.

    Our Partners’ Responses to the Ongoing Crisis in Ukraine

    The humanitarian impact of war is devastating, and the ecological impact of war could affect people for decades to come.

    International Women’s Day 2022: The Women of CFS+

    Both climate change and fashion are feminist issues - there is a patent intersection between women, the climate crisis and the clothes we wear. 

    Innovations for Responsible Design

    The fashion industry is operating at the expense of our planet and the communities that occupy it - with many companies prioritising profitability and convenience over quality and ethics.

    Redesigning the Runway: How Copenhagen Has Become a Sustainability Frontrunner

    Copenhagen is home to some of the most inspired and coveted brands of the moment.

    Leaders will forge alliances for a new era to tackle fashion’s social and environmental issues

    Global Fashion Summit, the leading international forum for sustainability in fashion, will convene core stakeholders across fashion, parallel industries, investment, policy and NGOs to forge alliances for a new era.

    Global Fashion Agenda collaborates with The Earthshot Prize as an official Nominator

    We are delighted to announce that Global Fashion Agenda has been selected as an official Nominator for The Earthshot Prize 2022. 

    SLCP X SAC on safe and secure work environments

    COVID-19 continues to expose existing structural inequalities within fashion’s value chain, with workers disproportionately impacted.

    Ratings vs Rhetoric

    Effective Sustainability communication is a tool that can advance progress in the fashion industry, but how can we best harness fashions communicative power to drive towards impactful transformation?

    Sustainable Fashion Communication

    Fashion has always dictated trends with a certain ease – no other medium has quite as much power and potential to make ‘sustainability’, in all its nuance, desirable.

    Warm Wishes For 2022

    As we ease into 2022, I wanted to reconnect with you all and send you my best wishes for a wonderful New Year and share some reflections from Global Fashion Agenda.

    Fashion industry will gather in landmark digital event to discuss the bold topic of ‘Prosperity vs. Growth’

    Global Fashion Agenda, the foremost leadership forum for sustainability in fashion, has today revealed the theme for this year’s digital edition of the industry-renowned Copenhagen Fashion Summit – CFS+. Under the premise ‘Prosperity vs. Growth’, CFS

    Fashion leaders author new report highlighting the priorities for a prosperous and sustainable industry

    12 May 2021: Today, Global Fashion Agenda, the foremost leadership forum for sustainability in fashion, has unveiled the new edition of the Fashion CEO Agenda.

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